BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterImported Translations from ZanataOpenStack Proposal Bot4 days
stable/ocataSupport zuul's standard override-checkout variableDmitry Tantsur3 months
stable/pikeRaise KeyboardInterrupt on SIGTERM - WorkaroundHarald Jensås4 weeks
stable/queensRaise KeyboardInterrupt on SIGTERM - WorkaroundHarald Jensås6 weeks
7.2.1commit 1eb1f6cc7c...OpenStack Release Bot5 days
7.3.0commit c312669bde...OpenStack Release Bot5 weeks
6.0.2commit 35828784d5...OpenStack Release Bot2 months
7.2.0commit a8d621f20a...OpenStack Release Bot4 months
6.0.1commit c5c460eac0...OpenStack Release Bot4 months
5.0.2commit 53f44a7ccf...OpenStack Release Bot4 months
7.1.0commit 13d74dd763...OpenStack Release Bot4 months
7.0.0commit c0c1dd813d...OpenStack Release Bot5 months
6.1.0commit 04e646c642...OpenStack Release Bot8 months
newton-eolcommit b34fa9c797...Tony Breeds8 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
4 daysImported Translations from ZanataHEADmasterOpenStack Proposal Bot
8 daysCap hacking at 1.2.0Harald Jensås
11 daysRemove unused importchenxiangui
2018-06-08Update default Ironic API version to 1.38Mark Goddard
2018-06-01Merge "Introduce oslo.messaging and sync rpc call"Zuul
2018-05-14Merge "Raise KeyboardInterrupt on SIGTERM - Workaround"7.3.0Zuul
2018-05-12Raise KeyboardInterrupt on SIGTERM - WorkaroundHarald Jensås
2018-05-10Merge "Fix pycodestyle warnings/errors now visible with hacking 1.1.0"Zuul
2018-05-09Gate fix: Cap hacking to avoid gate failureghanshyam
2018-05-08Fix pycodestyle warnings/errors now visible with hacking 1.1.0Harald Jensås