BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterRefactor zuulv3 based on ironic-baseIury Gregory Melo Ferreira12 days
stable/ocataMake search for config drive partition case insensitiveYolanda Robla6 months
stable/pikeCheck GPT table with sgdisk insread of partprobecheng5 months
stable/queensRun sync and partprobe after adding a configdrive partitionDmitry Tantsur5 weeks
stable/rockyRun sync and partprobe after adding a configdrive partitionDmitry Tantsur6 weeks
2.12.2commit f19eb25f01...OpenStack Release Bot3 weeks
2.14.1commit 95c6a2a32f...OpenStack Release Bot3 weeks
2.16.1commit 653b59a09d...OpenStack Release Bot6 weeks
2.16.0commit dd7e1fec83...OpenStack Release Bot4 months
2.15.1commit 712da6c465...OpenStack Release Bot5 months
2.5.4commit 99b3182e34...OpenStack Release Bot5 months
2.15.0commit 712da6c465...OpenStack Release Bot5 months
2.5.3commit 99b3182e34...OpenStack Release Bot5 months
2.14.0commit 344161bd50...OpenStack Release Bot7 months
2.13.0commit 19c9f0594d...OpenStack Release Bot9 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
12 daysRefactor zuulv3 based on ironic-baseHEADmasterIury Gregory Melo Ferreira
2019-01-14Build ironic-python-agent images on merging ironic-lib patchesDmitry Tantsur
2019-01-09Run sync and partprobe after adding a configdrive partition2.16.1Dmitry Tantsur
2018-11-30Merge "zuul-ify ironic-lib jobs"Zuul
2018-11-27Correct author email addressJulia Kreger
2018-11-27zuul-ify ironic-lib jobsJulia Kreger
2018-10-11Merge "Allow to return unpopulated root partition from work_on_disk"2.16.0Zuul
2018-10-09Allow to return unpopulated root partition from work_on_diskDmitry Tantsur
2018-10-01Merge "Prevent configuration changes in unit tests from affecting each other"Zuul
2018-09-27Correct headings in README.rstDmitry Tantsur