AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
12 daysAdd jobs for stable/queensHEADmasterDmitry Tantsur
2018-02-08Merge "Replace use of functools.wraps() with six.wraps()"Zuul
2018-02-08Merge "Updated from global requirements"1.1.0Zuul
2018-02-08Replace use of functools.wraps() with six.wraps()John L. Villalovos
2018-02-05Switch to override-checkout for stable branch jobsSam Betts
2018-01-31Merge "Sort node traits in comparisons"Zuul
2018-01-30Merge "Zuul: Remove project name"Zuul
2018-01-30Sort node traits in comparisonsMark Goddard
2018-01-29Zuul: Remove project nameJames E. Blair
2018-01-23Add node trait testsMark Goddard
2018-01-17Updated from global requirementsOpenStack Proposal Bot
2018-01-16Updated from global requirementsOpenStack Proposal Bot
2018-01-15Merge "Add ansible deploy interface test"Zuul
2018-01-10Merge "Cleaned up the requirements of Ironic Tempest plugin"Zuul
2018-01-09Merge "Update README and setup.cfg, initial version of usage guide"1.0.0Zuul
2018-01-08Merge "Add ability to set deploy interface"Zuul
2018-01-08Cleaned up the requirements of Ironic Tempest pluginChandan Kumar
2017-12-29Add ansible deploy interface testPavlo Shchelokovskyy
2017-12-29Add ability to set deploy interfacePavlo Shchelokovskyy
2017-12-23Introduce stable/ocata jobsDmitry Tantsur
2017-12-22Update the list of CI jobsDmitry Tantsur
2017-12-21Update README and setup.cfg, initial version of usage guideDmitry Tantsur
2017-12-14Add DSVM jobs to the gate for ironic-tempest-pluginJohn L. Villalovos
2017-12-14Correct introspection rules pathDmitry Tantsur
2017-12-14Change config option to 'ironic_inspector' and False by defaultJohn L. Villalovos
2017-12-14Fix pep8 issueDmitry Tantsur
2017-12-12Add correct skip for ironic-inspectorDmitry Tantsur
2017-12-12Provide to make all modules importableDmitry Tantsur
2017-12-12Add tempest entry pointDmitry Tantsur
2017-12-12Fix introspection modules locations and importsDmitry Tantsur
2017-12-12Merge remote-tracking branch 'inspector/master'Dmitry Tantsur
2017-10-31Ensure ping actually succedVasyl Saienko
2017-10-25Add py35 gate for ironic-inspectorankit
2017-10-25Add I202 to flake ignore listVladyslav Drok
2017-10-16Update tests to do not use deprecated Anh Tuan
2017-10-12pep8: Add 'application-import-names = ironic_inspector'John L. Villalovos
2017-10-05Update tests to do not use deprecated Saienko
2017-09-25Replace the usage of 'admin_manager' with 'os_admin'Luong Anh Tuan
2017-09-25Update after recent removal of cred manager aliasesLuong Anh Tuan
2017-09-22Fix API VIF tests when using flat networkVasyl Saienko
2017-09-08Update vif_attach from NeutronVIFPortIDMixinVasyl Saienko
2017-07-26Update the documentation link for doc migrationchenxing
2017-06-13Add functional API tests for volume connector and volume targetNguyen Hung Phuong
2017-05-22Replace the deprecated tempest.test.attr with decorators.attrNgo Quoc Cuong
2017-02-16Use flake8-import-orderJohn L. Villalovos
2017-02-09Switch to use test_utils.call_until_trueKen'ichi Ohmichi
2017-01-27Switch to decorators.idempotent_idghanshyam
2017-01-05Remove unused "service" argument from tempest client managerDmitry Tantsur
2016-12-19Tempest test tag baremetal doesn't existdparalen
2016-12-08Add tempest plugin API tests for driverSofiiaAndriichenko