AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-06-08Get tests working againHEADmasterDavanum Srinivas
2017-05-05Merge "Recreate problems in StatefulSetBasic"Jenkins
2017-05-05Merge "Set cloud provider as external"Jenkins
2017-05-04Set cloud provider as externalDavanum Srinivas
2017-05-04Recreate problems in StatefulSetBasicDavanum Srinivas
2017-05-04Cleanup etcd, docker, kubernetesDavanum Srinivas
2017-05-04Switch to SYSTEMDDavanum Srinivas
2017-05-03Use provided VipPortID for LBJamie Hannaford
2017-05-03openstack: remove field flavor_to_resourcezhouhaibing089
2017-05-03Skip StatefulSetBasic testsDavanum Srinivas
2017-05-03fix formatJesse Haka
2017-05-03use AvailabilityZone instead of Availability and Move v1 helpersJesse Haka
2017-05-03One more flaky testDavanum Srinivas
2017-05-02Prune list of failing and flaky testsDavanum Srinivas
2017-05-02[WIP] Test latest k8s masterDavanum Srinivas
2017-04-30Set CLOUD_PROVIDER as localDavanum Srinivas
2017-04-28Support StatefulSet e2e tests by creating a hostpath default storage classDavanum Srinivas
2017-04-28Switch to golang 1.8 since upstream has switchedDavanum Srinivas
2017-04-27Open up access from containersDavanum Srinivas
2017-04-26ALLOW_ANY_TOKEN should be the default - FalseDavanum Srinivas
2017-04-26Enable kubednsDavanum Srinivas
2017-04-25Merge "Fine tune the check-if-k8s-started logic"Jenkins
2017-04-24Fine tune the check-if-k8s-started logicDavanum Srinivas
2017-04-24Generate junit reportDavanum Srinivas
2017-04-24Prune list of failing testsDavanum Srinivas
2017-04-23Enable kube-dashboardDavanum Srinivas
2017-04-22Try latest master of k8sDavanum Srinivas
2017-04-11Fix NFS/mount testDavanum Srinivas
2017-04-10Minimum black listDavanum Srinivas
2017-04-10Kubelet listen on all interfacesDavanum Srinivas
2017-04-10Use older docker version w/ k8s, switch off CRIDavanum Srinivas
2017-04-09Turn on a few flagsDavanum Srinivas
2017-04-09Use tag to get stable runsDavanum Srinivas
2017-04-05Switch off color in logsDavanum Srinivas
2017-04-05Bail when things go wrongDavanum Srinivas
2017-04-05Tweak list of failing testsDavanum Srinivas
2017-04-04Turn on a few local-up-cluster flags and disable some testsDavanum Srinivas
2017-04-04Try skeleton as cloud_providerDavanum Srinivas
2017-04-04Switch to 1.7.5 golang for both local-cluster-up and e2e testsDavanum Srinivas
2017-04-04Run some e2e tests against the kubernetes instanceDavanum Srinivas
2017-04-02Try starting kubernetes built from sourceDavanum Srinivas
2017-03-30Add skeleton for devstack plugin and gate hooksDavanum Srinivas
2017-03-29Use ProviderID to address nodes in the cloudproviderwlan0
2017-03-29Update depsMaxym Kutsevol
2017-03-29Support for v1/v2/autoprobe openstack cinder blockstorageMaxym Kutsevol
2017-03-29Update build environmentDavanum Srinivas
2017-03-24Reorganize code and add MakefileDavanum Srinivas
2017-02-26Merge pull request #41309 from kars7e/add-cafile-openstackKubernetes Submit Queue
2017-02-20Merge pull request #36344 from anguslees/gophercloudKubernetes Submit Queue
2017-02-20Migrate rackspace/gophercloud -> gophercloud/gophercloudAngus Lees