AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
16 hoursMerge "Allow Kayobe to wipe NVMe disks"HEADmasterZuul
3 daysFix download of ahuffman.resolvJohn Garbutt
7 daysAllow Kayobe to wipe NVMe disksPierre Riteau
11 daysMerge "Perform ironic online data migrations prior to seed upgrade"Zuul
2019-01-04Merge "Quote and escape extra vars passed to ansible"Zuul
2019-01-04Merge "Update manage-lvm role to v0.1.4"Zuul
2019-01-04Merge "Add check of pip install in the virtualenv"Zuul
2019-01-04Update manage-lvm role to v0.1.4Pierre Riteau
2018-12-24Perform ironic online data migrations prior to seed upgradeMark Goddard
2018-12-21Test upgrading seed services in CIMark Goddard
2018-12-21Add kayobe seed service upgrade commandMark Goddard
2018-12-20Generate bifrost hostvars prior to provisioningMark Goddard
2018-12-20Fix bifrost automation tasks for RockyMark Goddard
2018-12-20Use host vars files for kolla ansible inventoryMark Goddard
2018-12-20Merge "Make seed deploy job voting again"Zuul
2018-12-19Remove documentation and use of dell_switch_delegate_toPierre Riteau
2018-12-17Merge "Retry adding custom repos until success"Zuul
2018-12-17Merge "Fix physical network configuration on Dell switches"Zuul
2018-12-13Merge "Fix variable shadowing"Zuul
2018-12-13Fix physical network configuration on Dell switchesPierre Riteau
2018-12-13Merge "Use public FQDN for OS_AUTH_URL in"Zuul
2018-12-12Merge "Fix reference to Kolla-Ansible inventory"Zuul
2018-12-10Use public FQDN for OS_AUTH_URL in public-openrc.shPierre Riteau
2018-12-08Merge "Remove tasks for Ansible <= 2.3"Zuul
2018-12-07Merge "Update grafana-conf role"Zuul
2018-12-07Make seed deploy job voting againMark Goddard
2018-12-05Fix reference to Kolla-Ansible inventoryPierre Riteau
2018-12-05Add check of pip install in the virtualenvKevin Tibi
2018-12-05Change openstack-dev to openstack-discussVieri
2018-12-04Update grafana-conf roleDoug Szumski
2018-12-04Merge "Reorganise administration guide into sections"Zuul
2018-11-29Remove tasks for Ansible <= 2.3Mark Goddard
2018-11-29Merge "Bump Ansible to 2.6.x"Zuul
2018-11-28Merge "Make ansible_host optional for all switch types"Zuul
2018-11-28Reorganise administration guide into sectionsMark Goddard
2018-11-27Merge "Add commands to enable and disable the serial console"Zuul
2018-11-27Make ansible_host optional for all switch typesMark Goddard
2018-11-27Merge "Add documentation about physical network config"Zuul
2018-11-27Merge "Add, a script for creating releases"Zuul
2018-11-27Merge "Add --quiet flag to CI diagnostics collection"Zuul
2018-11-27Merge "Add support for a custom octavia.conf file"Zuul
2018-11-27Fix variable shadowingMark Goddard
2018-11-27Added manila.conf details to kolla-ansible documentationRoss Martyn
2018-11-26Merge "Enable manila extra config merge #28058"Zuul
2018-11-23Enable manila extra config merge #28058Ross Martyn
2018-11-22Merge "Move group_vars for switches group to all group"Zuul
2018-11-22Merge "Seed hypervisor user bootstrapping skipped"Zuul
2018-11-22Merge "Bump zuul job timeouts"Zuul
2018-11-22Merge "Save previous kayobe & kolla configuration"Zuul
2018-11-22Add support for a custom octavia.conf fileNick Jones