AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-02-08Fix typos in keystone-specsHEADmasterbaiwenteng
2017-12-21Fix the misspelling of "configuration"Guoqiang Ding
2017-12-19Limits APISean Dague
2017-12-08Fix line-too-long errorLance Bragstad
2017-11-29Merge "Address follow on comments for system-scope"Zuul
2017-11-29Merge "Add policy roadmap for security"Zuul
2017-11-29Add policy roadmap for securityLance Bragstad
2017-11-29Merge "Repropose application credentials to queens"Zuul
2017-11-29Repropose application credentials to queensColleen Murphy
2017-11-28Merge "Outline policy goals"Zuul
2017-11-28Merge "Specification for system roles"Zuul
2017-11-28Address follow on comments for system-scopeLance Bragstad
2017-11-27Remove role check from middleware from specsLance Bragstad
2017-11-24Merge "Update project-tags spec"Zuul
2017-11-20Specification for system rolesLance Bragstad
2017-10-31Add link to Queens RoadmapLance Bragstad
2017-10-23Outline policy goalsLance Bragstad
2017-10-20Merge "Clarify backlog instructions and add ideas dir"Zuul
2017-10-20Clarify backlog instructions and add ideas dirLance Bragstad
2017-10-20Clarify details of json-web-tokens specColleen Murphy
2017-10-13Propose JWT as a new token providerColleen Murphy
2017-09-28Update project-tags specGage Hugo
2017-08-24Update project-tags specGage Hugo
2017-08-17Create Queens directory for specsLance Bragstad
2017-08-03Merge "Bump application credentials to backlog"Jenkins
2017-08-03Merge "Bump support for federated attributes to backlog"Jenkins
2017-08-01Move project-tags spec to backlogGage Hugo
2017-07-26Bump support for federated attributes to backlogLance Bragstad
2017-07-26Bump application credentials to backlogLance Bragstad
2017-06-17Merge "Fix html_last_updated_fmt for Python3"Jenkins
2017-06-09Application Credentials for application authnRonald De Rose
2017-06-09Fix html_last_updated_fmt for Python3luqitao
2017-05-25Follow-on patch on project-tags specTin Lam
2017-05-25Merge "Add Project tags"Jenkins
2017-05-23Add Project tagsGage Hugo
2017-05-17Block sphinx 1.6.1Eric Fried
2017-05-12Merge "Remove pbr warnerrors in favor of sphinx check"Jenkins
2017-04-19Remove pbr warnerrors in favor of sphinx checkGage Hugo
2017-04-10Merge "Unified limits specification"Jenkins
2017-04-04Unified limits specificationSean Dague
2017-03-22Merge "Add Policy Documentation"Jenkins
2017-03-07Merge "Clarify bits of the alembic backlogged spec"Jenkins
2017-03-07Merge "Remove centralized policies fetch cache spec"Jenkins
2017-03-07Merge "Remove the fernet key store spec from backlog"Jenkins
2017-03-07Remove policy default specLance Bragstad
2017-03-07Add Policy DocumentationLance Bragstad
2017-03-06Merge "Remove centralized policy delivery spec from backlog"Jenkins
2017-02-28Remove centralized policies fetch cache specLance Bragstad
2017-02-28Clarify bits of the alembic backlogged specLance Bragstad
2017-02-28Remove centralized policy delivery spec from backlogLance Bragstad