BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterOptimizing the safety of the http link site in README.rst.zhouxinyong5 days
7.1.1commit 1f0b0963b9...ahothan5 months
7.1.0commit cae5f726df...ahothan5 months
7.0.9commit 4a0f595d02...ahothan6 months
7.0.8commit 295edde7ce...ahothan6 months
7.0.7commit f984115a53...ahothan10 months
7.0.6commit 03ede6ffc8...ahothan10 months
7.0.5commit 4c5472351a...ahothan12 months
7.0.4commit 063eafebd8...ahothan12 months
7.0.3commit 8653294867...Yichen Wang12 months
7.0.2commit b22f59b8c9...ahothan14 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
5 daysOptimizing the safety of the http link site in README.rst.HEADmasterzhouxinyong
2018-09-23Update the outdated URLmelissaml
2018-06-19make proxy falvor configurable like other flavorsREDDY, CHINASUBBA
2018-06-13Fix dib issue with missing block-device element7.1.1ahothan
2018-06-13Add support for configurable redis server ready timeout7.1.0ahothan
2018-06-13Fix web UI crash
2018-06-13Fix failure to add static route in http client VMahothan
2018-06-12Support for cinder volume_typeAjay Kalambur
2018-06-04Fix keystone v3 issue with Queensahothan
2018-05-23Fix build issue caused by pip error (10.0.1)7.0.9ahothan