path: root/.gitignore
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-07-24Switch to stestrVu Cong Tuan
2017-12-19gitignore: Update path to vagrant environment dirMichal Rostecki
2017-02-10Remove unnecessary file in .gitignorezhuzeyu
2017-01-16Cover environment for kolla-ansibleSurya Prakash Singh
2017-01-05Add .project and .pydevproject to .gitignorecaowei
2016-12-06Add *.egg-info into .gitignore fileJeffrey Zhang
2016-06-09Fix the prechecks for the ansible versionJeffrey Zhang
2016-06-02Add .vimrc to .gitignoreMichal (inc0) Jastrzebski
2016-05-24Bump the ansible to 2Jeffrey Zhang
2016-03-23Add reno supportSteven Dake
2016-02-24Added *.DS_Store To .gitignoreDean Daskalantonakis
2016-01-13Standardize bashate and add lintersSamYaple
2016-01-07Remove the kolla-build.confJeffrey Zhang
2016-01-06Generate the kolla-build.conf file using oslo_configJeffrey Zhang
2015-11-18Allow to customize vagrant deploymentMartin André
2015-11-11Added Ubuntu support for VagrantDiogo Monteiro
2015-10-12Update Vagrant directories in .gitignoreMichal Rostecki
2015-09-22Add .vagrant dir to .gitignorePaul Bourke
2015-09-15Add vagrant-generated files to gitignoreMartin André
2015-09-09Add AUTHORS, ChangeLog, doc/build/ to gitignoreKuo-tung Kao
2015-09-02update gitignore for python and .testrepositoryKuo-tung Kao
2015-03-20Move and to tools directoryMartin André
2015-02-16Implements: Blueprint update-image-build-scriptDaneyon Hansen
2014-12-17Add gitignore fileMartin André