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2018-11-15Replacing the HTTP protocal with HTTPSzhouxinyong
2018-10-02Add Quobyte cinder backend specPatrick O'Neill
2018-04-22Update the database connection for keystonecaoyuan
2018-03-29Specification for additions for Prometheus monitoringMark Giles
2018-01-23Replace Chinese punctuation with English punctuationgaofei
2018-01-17update sphinx-doc linkssunyandi
2017-04-11fix typoyouri jeong
2017-03-01change amoung to amongNguyen Van Trung
2016-10-15Delete the unnecessary spacecaoyuan
2016-08-06Fix inconsistencies in git urlRobin Naundorf
2016-06-27Trivial fixes to correct couple of typos.Mohammed Salih Puthenpurayil
2016-06-20Spec: Deploy Kolla images using KubernetesRyan Hallisey
2016-05-03Cleanup Mesos/Marathon related workDavanum Srinivas
2016-04-11Revert "Spec: Deploy Kolla images using Kubernetes"Steven Dake
2016-04-08Spec: Deploy Kolla images using KubernetesRyan Hallisey
2016-03-03Fixing typo in the documentationIldar Iskhakov
2016-02-17Merge "Logging with Heka spec"Jenkins
2016-02-15Use uppercase 'S' in word "OpenStack"venkatamahesh
2016-02-03Fix some words spellingsvenkatamahesh
2016-01-29Logging with Heka spec√Čric Lemoine
2015-11-16Spec: Deploy Kolla images using MesosAngus Salkeld
2015-11-03Add a template spec to make it a bit easier to write a new specAngus Salkeld
2015-09-14Update ha guide kolla repo referenceSwapnil Kulkarni
2015-06-17Merge "Ansible multi-node specification"Jenkins
2015-06-17Spec to Add Support for High AvailabilityDaneyon Hansen
2015-06-17Ansible multi-node specificationSteven Dake
2015-04-06Remove EXPOSE options from DockerfilesSteven Dake
2015-03-19Fix typos in kolla/specs/containerize-openstack.rstMitsuhiro SHIGEMATSU
2015-03-06Merge "Split OpenStack controller and OpenStack API"Jenkins
2015-02-20Split OpenStack controller and OpenStack APISteven Dake
2015-02-19Revise OpenStack control container setBritt Houser
2015-02-19Revise HA Control container-setBritt Houser
2015-02-19Add network operation container setsBritt Houser
2015-02-18Fixed nested lists in container specBritt Houser
2015-02-13Containerize OpenStack based upon SPC and figSteven Dake