BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterMerge "Ensure kubelet pod has default connectivity with Network Policies"Zuul45 hours
stable/pikeMerge "import zuul job settings from project-config" into stable/pikeZuul3 months
stable/queensAdd routes and multi-vif resources to Kuryr's CRMichaƂ Dulko8 weeks
stable/rockyAllocate service FIP after LB was provisionedYossi Boaron6 days
0.5.2commit 0b25b5b1c7...OpenStack Release Bot3 weeks
0.5.1commit 84ad28ef65...OpenStack Release Bot2 months
0.4.5commit eff54762d7...OpenStack Release Bot3 months
0.4.4commit 531ed16e5d...OpenStack Release Bot3 months
0.5.0commit 5b32ed07fc...OpenStack Release Bot4 months
0.4.3commit cef63d267c...OpenStack Release Bot8 months
0.4.2commit 487267cca0...OpenStack Release Bot8 months
0.4.1commit 2aaffdf0a7...OpenStack Release Bot10 months
0.4.0commit e5f03218d6...OpenStack Release Bot10 months
0.3.0commit 04d46d016f...OpenStack Release Bot11 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
45 hoursMerge "Ensure kubelet pod has default connectivity with Network Policies"HEADmasterZuul
2 daysEnsure network policies are not applied on pod with host networkingLuis Tomas Bolivar
2 daysAdd support for podSelectorLuis Tomas Bolivar
3 daysEnsure kubelet pod has default connectivity with Network PoliciesLuis Tomas Bolivar
3 daysMerge "Add support to match expressions in Network Policies"Zuul
4 daysAdd support to match expressions in Network PoliciesMaysa Macedo
5 daysMerge "spelling error"Zuul
6 daysMerge "Update the kuryr-kubernetes path in devstack"Zuul
6 daysMerge "devstack: move master config to separate dir"Zuul
6 daysMerge "Move job list to project-template"Zuul