AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-11-11Merge "Change link to pyeclib in"Jenkins
2016-11-10Merge "Beautify fill_buffer()"Jenkins
2016-11-09Version bump to Dickinson
2016-11-091.3.0 release1.3.0John Dickinson
2016-11-09Fix error handling on gf_ivnert_matrix in isa-l backendKota Tsuyuzaki
2016-11-09Merge "Fix liberasurecode skipping a bunch of invalid_args tests"Jenkins
2016-11-07Merge "Fix clang compile time error"Jenkins
2016-11-04Fix liberasurecode skipping a bunch of invalid_args testsKota Tsuyuzaki
2016-10-23Remove Ryuta Kon from NTT shss referenceKota Tsuyuzaki
2016-10-18Merge "Fix a typo in the erasurecode file"Jenkins
2016-10-14Beautify fill_buffer()Pete Zaitcev
2016-10-11Fix reconstruct to return an error when memory allocation failedKota Tsuyuzaki
2016-09-07Add get_by_desc ret val handling to get_fragment_sizeKota Tsuyuzaki
2016-08-30Fix a typo in the erasurecode filegengchc2
2016-08-23Merge "Move other-requirements.txt to bindep.txt"Jenkins
2016-08-18Merge "Changed homepage to new one"Jenkins
2016-08-12Move other-requirements.txt to bindep.txtAndreas Jaeger
2016-07-13Add valgind to other-requirements.txtKota Tsuyuzaki
2016-07-12Merge "add other-requirements.txt"Jenkins
2016-07-12Fix posix_memalign handlingKota Tsuyuzaki
2016-06-03Remove version value from README.mdKota Tsuyuzaki
2016-06-03Change link to pyeclib in README.mdAlistair Coles
2016-06-03add other-requirements.txtThiago da Silva
2016-06-01Fix clang compile time errorEric Lambert
2016-06-01Changed homepage to new oneOndřej Nový
2016-05-27Add NEWS and README back1.2.0Thiago da Silva
2016-05-27Release 1.2.0Thiago da Silva
2016-03-10Merged in frag_metadata_checksum (pull request #20)Kevin Greenan
2016-03-10Fragment metadata checksumming supportTushar Gohad
2016-03-10Add NULL instance check to backend_open()Tushar Gohad
2016-03-09Merged in timuralp/liberasurecode/check_available_backend (pull request #22)Tushar Gohad
2016-03-08Add a method to check if a backend is present.Timur Alperovich edited online with BitbucketTushar Gohad
2016-03-05Merged in dirk_m_ller/liberasurecode/remove_params (pull request #21)Tushar Gohad
2016-03-04Fix prototype declaration / definition mismatch (issue #25)Dirk Mueller
2016-02-28Don't use PATH_MAX const.Ondřej Nový
2016-02-14Check frag idx validity when verifying frag metadataTushar Gohad
2016-02-14Fix segfault when fragment index is out of rangeTushar Gohad
2015-12-10Look up version number in version header (part 2)Tushar Gohad
2015-12-10Doxygen related cleanupTushar Gohad
2015-12-10Minor doc automake fixesTushar Gohad
2015-12-10Make libtool archive references relative to builddirTushar Gohad
2015-12-10Display build config at the end of configure runTushar Gohad
2015-12-10Get version from liberasurecode version headerTushar Gohad
2015-12-10Use absolute path for get_flags test programTushar Gohad
2015-12-10Add missing pkg-config defns where requiredTushar Gohad
2015-12-10Fix minor revTushar Gohad
2015-12-10Include major API version in pkg-config file nameTushar Gohad
2015-12-04Revert "Log to syslog and stderr by default"v1.1.1Tushar Gohad
2015-12-02Create includedir on call to install-exec-hookChris Lamb