AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-02-05Zuul: Remove project nameHEADmasterJames E. Blair
2017-10-17Decom repoSam Yaple
2017-08-15Add a build argument for distroPaul Bourke
2017-08-10Use build-arg to make FROM image a variableSam Yaple
2017-05-18Define variables in new fileSam Yaple
2017-05-18Use virtualenvSam Yaple
2017-04-20Add OpenStack Repo to CentOS imagesPete Birley
2017-04-16Upgrade packages for securitySam Yaple
2017-04-15Switch to single var for WHEELSSam Yaple
2017-04-14Remove all traces of YAODUSam Yaple
2017-04-13Call single script in DockerfileSam Yaple
2017-04-12Add back ca-certificatesJohn Griffith
2017-04-12Cleanup packages already installed in scriptsPaul Bourke
2017-04-12nodocs is set by defaultSam Yaple
2017-04-05Change from GIT_REF to PROJECT_REFSam Yaple
2017-04-05Use master loci branch for scriptsSam Yaple
2017-04-04Add option to OVERRIDESam Yaple
2017-03-28Merge "Prefer"Jenkins
2017-03-27Update to point to main repoSam Yaple
2017-03-27Prefer git.openstack.orgSam Yaple
2017-03-27Added .gitreviewPete Birley
2017-03-23Use tagged common scripts (#7)Pete Birley
2017-01-16remove centos-logos package (#6)Pete Birley
2017-01-16Add Apache2 to Heat containers (#5)Pete Birley
2017-01-14Merge pull request #4 from yaodu/remove_venvPete Birley
2017-01-14Remove venvSam Yaple
2017-01-13Update DocsPete Birley
2017-01-12Merge pull request #2 from yaodu/quiet_curlPete Birley
2017-01-12Quiet curlSam Yaple
2017-01-12Initial Commit of Heat Containers (#1)Pete Birley
2017-01-11Initial commitSam Yaple