AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
31 hoursMerge "Use python3 for functional tests"HEADmasterZuul
2 daysMerge "Use MultiType and types.text instead of str"Zuul
2 daysUse python3 for functional testsSpyros Trigazis
2 daysUse MultiType and types.text instead of strErik Olof Gunnar Andersson
3 daysBump k8s version up to v1.11.5Bharat Kunwar
4 daysFix python3 compatibilityMichal Arbet
5 daysDo not use 'exit' in the scriptLingxian Kong
5 daysMerge "Removed admin_* from devstack config"Zuul
5 daysMerge "Release note for cluster pre-delete"Zuul
5 daysMerge "Remove -U from pip install"Zuul
6 daysRemove -U from pip installricolin
7 daysSupport Keystone AuthN and AuthZ for k8sFeilong Wang
12 daysMerge "containers: clean-up build code"Zuul
13 daysMerge "Change docker image pulling policy from Always to IfNotPresent"Zuul
14 daysMerge "k8s_build: Build kubernetes v1.11.6 containers"Zuul
2019-01-06Merge "k8s_fedora: Use external kubernetes/cloud-provider-openstack"Zuul
2018-12-20Merge "fix bug link in readme"Zuul
2018-12-20Removed admin_* from devstack configErik Olof Gunnar Andersson
2018-12-20Change docker image pulling policy from Always to IfNotPresentleledashenqi
2018-12-19k8s_fedora: Use external kubernetes/cloud-provider-openstackJim Bach
2018-12-18containers: clean-up build codeMohammed Naser
2018-12-18k8s_build: Build kubernetes v1.11.6 containersSpyros Trigazis
2018-12-18Merge "[k8s] Cluster creation speedup"Zuul
2018-12-17Merge "Delete Octavia loadbalancers for fedora atomic k8s driver"Zuul
2018-12-16Merge "Fix use of magnum_repository in container-publish"Zuul
2018-12-16Fix use of magnum_repository in container-publishSpyros Trigazis
2018-12-15Merge "Changes in container builder"Zuul
2018-12-15Changes in container builderSpyros Trigazis
2018-12-15[k8s] Cluster creation speedupLingxian Kong
2018-12-14Merge "functional: bump flavor specs"Zuul
2018-12-14Build images in the ciSpyros Trigazis
2018-12-14Release note for cluster pre-deleteLingxian Kong
2018-12-13Delete Octavia loadbalancers for fedora atomic k8s driverLingxian Kong
2018-12-12functional: stop using concurrency of 1 for api testsMohammed Naser
2018-12-12Merge "functional: use vexxhost-specific nodes with nested virt"Zuul
2018-12-12Merge "functional: use default admission_control_list values"Zuul
2018-12-12Merge "functional: bump atomic version to latest"Zuul
2018-12-12Merge "functional: add body for delete_namespaced_service in k8s"Zuul
2018-12-11Merge "functional: retrieve cluster to get stack_id"Zuul
2018-12-11Merge "Add iptables -P FORWARD ACCEPT unit"Zuul
2018-12-09functional: bump flavor specsMohammed Naser
2018-12-08functional: use vexxhost-specific nodes with nested virtMohammed Naser
2018-12-08functional: use default admission_control_list valuesMohammed Naser
2018-12-08functional: bump atomic version to latestMohammed Naser
2018-12-08functional: add body for delete_namespaced_service in k8sMohammed Naser
2018-12-08functional: retrieve cluster to get stack_idMohammed Naser
2018-12-08fix bug link in readmeZhijunWei
2018-12-06Add support for www_authenticate_uri in ContextHookErik Olof Gunnar Andersson
2018-12-04Merge "Add Octavia python client for Magnum"Zuul
2018-11-23Merge "Make providing a keypair optional"Zuul