AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-09-09Import legacy jobHEADmasterAndreas Jaeger
2018-08-20import zuul job settings from project-configGoutham Pacha Ravi
2017-10-27Add -xe flags to shell scriptsBen Swartzlander
2017-10-26Add rnd-tools for faster random pool initializationBen Swartzlander
2017-10-26Add shell scripts for use by nextgen generic driverBen Swartzlander
2017-10-26Switch from builtin shares to dynamicBen Swartzlander
2017-10-26Use DHCP for eth1 and enforce MTUBen Swartzlander
2017-10-26Use external mount programs instead of busyboxBen Swartzlander
2017-10-26Modify PS1 to include working directoryBen Swartzlander
2017-10-02Modify the default path for dropbearBen Swartzlander
2017-09-28Add PCI/ACPI hotplug supportBen Swartzlander
2017-02-16Add fake sudo scriptBen Swartzlander
2017-02-08Merge "Create a config drive to test the metadata code"Jenkins
2017-02-08Merge "Fix copying on"Jenkins
2017-01-30Create a config drive to test the metadata codeBen Swartzlander
2017-01-30Support testing on FedoraBen Swartzlander
2017-01-30Fix copying on JSON.shBen Swartzlander
2017-01-29Wrap long linesBen Swartzlander
2017-01-29Conform to bashate standards for control structuresBen Swartzlander
2017-01-29Convert tabs to spacesBen Swartzlander
2017-01-29Don't run bashate on output directoriesBen Swartzlander
2017-01-28Support SSH keys from config driveBen Swartzlander
2017-01-28Merge "Add script for testing images really quickly"Jenkins
2017-01-28Merge "Support DHCPv6"Jenkins
2017-01-28Add script for testing images really quicklyBen Swartzlander
2017-01-28Support DHCPv6Ben Swartzlander
2017-01-28Replace chown with chmodBen Swartzlander
2017-01-28Merge "Don't strip comments out of config files"Jenkins
2017-01-28Merge "Install packages automatically on Ubuntu"Jenkins
2017-01-28Merge "Add .gitreview file"Jenkins
2017-01-27Fix typos in README, and add curlBen Swartzlander
2017-01-27Install packages automatically on UbuntuBen Swartzlander
2017-01-27Don't strip comments out of config filesBen Swartzlander
2017-01-27Fix bashate jobBen Swartzlander
2017-01-27Add .gitreview fileBen Swartzlander
2016-10-21Add parted as a dependencyBen Swartzlander
2016-10-20Move some dependencies from build to dev/testBen Swartzlander
2016-10-20Separate dependencies for dev/test from buildBen Swartzlander
2016-10-19Split out one-time steps into their own scriptBen Swartzlander
2016-10-19Fix qcow building stepsBen Swartzlander
2016-10-19Initial commitBen Swartzlander