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Refactor test framework
Manila's test framework is pretty old and requires update. Changes: - usage of nose replaced with testr - now all the tests are thread safe - added new options for, such as --concurrency, --debug, etc... - new '--concurrency' option for defaults to 1, examples: ./ # will run in 1 thread ./ --concurrency 2 # will run tests in 2 threads - added tools/ for colorizing output of testrun with - tests running with tox use as much threads as cores available by default - examples of testrun with tox: tox # will run test suites defined with 'envlist' in tox.ini, now it is pep8,py26,py27 tox -epy27 # amount of threads is equal to amount of cores tox -epy27 -- --concurrency=2 # amount of threads is 2 tox -epy27 -- --concurrency=4 # amount of threads is 4 - Added 'Database' class to manila.test module, for more conveniant db testing - updated policy file 'manila/tests/policy.json' to allow share-network actions - removed nose-related requirements - added new requirements for testrepository, subunit With merge of this change all old installed virtual environments become incompatible and should be removed with "rm -rf .tox .venv" before testrun. Implements blueprint testr-with-unittests Change-Id: I9579ecd538e29d478dbc12adc7dcc33fc668b397
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