AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-08-09NetApp cDOT: Fix security style for CIFS shares4.0.1driverfixes/ocataGoutham Pacha Ravi
2017-08-01NetApp cDOT: Fix share specs on migrationGoutham Pacha Ravi
2017-07-31Merge "VNX: share server cannot be deleted" into stable/ocataJenkins
2017-07-31Merge "Unity: unexpected data in share from snapshot" into stable/ocataJenkins
2017-07-28Unity: unexpected data in share from snapshotRyan Liang
2017-07-28VNX: share server cannot be deletedRyan Liang
2017-07-25Updated from global requirementsOpenStack Proposal Bot
2017-07-20NetApp: Define 'preferred' to False instead of noneDave Hill
2017-07-10NetApp cDOT: Add gateway information to create static routesGoutham Pacha Ravi
2017-07-10Merge "NetApp cDOT: Fix share server deletion" into stable/ocataJenkins
2017-07-06NetApp cDOT: Fix share server deletionGoutham Pacha Ravi
2017-06-29Start NFS and SMB services on fedora platformsTom Barron
2017-06-09Merge "[Generic driver] Fix incompatibility with novaclient" into stable/ocataJenkins
2017-06-07[Rally] fix jobsAndrey Kurilin
2017-06-06[Generic driver] Fix incompatibility with novaclientValeriy Ponomaryov
2017-05-25Merge "Handle SSL from VNX driver" into stable/ocataJenkins
2017-05-02Merge "Updated from global requirements" into stable/ocataJenkins
2017-04-28Merge "[Tempest] Split up share migration tests to separate classes" into sta...Jenkins
2017-04-05Fix important:: directive display in install guideColleen Murphy
2017-03-29Handle SSL from VNX driverPeter Wang
2017-03-22Updated from global requirementsOpenStack Proposal Bot
2017-03-21Merge "[Grenade] Fix devstack configuration in CI hook" into stable/ocataJenkins
2017-03-21Merge "Fix syntax in devstack plugin" into stable/ocataJenkins
2017-03-10[Tempest] Refactor api/tests/admin/test_share_servers moduleValeriy Ponomaryov
2017-03-04Merge "Fix migration_success before completing" into stable/ocataJenkins
2017-03-03Fix 3 CI breakagesvponomaryov
2017-03-01Fix migration_success before completingRodrigo Barbieri
2017-02-27[Grenade] Fix devstack configuration in CI hookValeriy Ponomaryov
2017-02-27Fix syntax in devstack pluginThomas Bechtold
2017-02-27Change tempest tag to 15.0.0Ben Swartzlander
2017-02-26Fix gate breakage caused by localrc usageBen Swartzlander
2017-02-17[Tempest] Split up share migration tests to separate classesValeriy Ponomaryov
2017-02-17Merge "Only return share host for admins using shares API" into stable/ocata4.0.0.0rc24.0.0Jenkins
2017-02-17Merge "Update HNAS driver version history" into stable/ocataJenkins
2017-02-17Merge "Fix Windows SMB helper" into stable/ocataJenkins
2017-02-17Merge "3PAR: Replace ConsistencyGroup" into stable/ocataJenkins
2017-02-17Merge "Update tempest pin to latest commit ref" into stable/ocataJenkins
2017-02-17Only return share host for admins using shares APIBen Swartzlander
2017-02-163PAR: Replace ConsistencyGroupRavichandran Nudurumati
2017-02-16Update HNAS driver version historyRodrigo Barbieri
2017-02-14Update tempest pin to latest commit refTom Barron
2017-02-13Fix Windows SMB helperLucian Petrut
2017-02-07Update UPPER_CONSTRAINTS_FILE for stable/ocataOpenStack Release Bot
2017-02-07Update .gitreview for stable/ocataOpenStack Release Bot
2017-02-07Merge "Add 'consistent_snapshot_support' attr to 'share_groups' DB model"
2017-02-07Merge "Pass access rules to driver on snapshot revert"Jenkins
2017-02-07Add 'consistent_snapshot_support' attr to 'share_groups' DB modelValeriy Ponomaryov
2017-02-07Pass access rules to driver on snapshot revertBen Swartzlander
2017-02-07Fix default approach for share group snapshot creationValeriy Ponomaryov
2017-02-07Merge "Disable share groups APIs by default"Jenkins