AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-01-11Set paramiko logging to DEBUG level5.0.3stable/pikeTom Barron
2019-01-11Change ssh_utils parameter to correctly send keepalive packetsTom Barron
2019-01-11Merge "Improve service instance module debug logging" into stable/pikeZuul
2019-01-10Improve service instance module debug loggingTom Barron
2019-01-09Adjust ssh timeoutsTom Barron
2019-01-02Fix image_name retrieval in custom-image jobsTom Barron
2018-12-29remove glusterfs-nfs job from check queueTom Barron
2018-10-20Merge "Use volume_uuid in _resize_share of Quobyte Driver" into stable/pikeZuul
2018-10-17Use volume_uuid in _resize_share of Quobyte DriverSilvan Kaiser
2018-10-17Merge "After run manila tempest the share network residue" into stable/pikeZuul
2018-09-25[ZFSOnLinux] Retry unmounting old datasets during manage5.0.2Goutham Pacha Ravi
2018-09-21Merge "Remove logging overrides from" into stable/pikeZuul
2018-09-21Remove logging overrides from plugin.shGoutham Pacha Ravi
2018-09-21After run manila tempest the share network
2018-09-20Merge "Create a generic share type (api tests)" into stable/pikeZuul
2018-09-20Create a generic share type (api tests)Victoria Martinez de la Cruz
2018-09-17Fix results capturing for the dummy driverGoutham Pacha Ravi
2018-09-08Merge "import zuul job settings from project-config" into stable/pikeZuul
2018-09-07import zuul job settings from project-configGoutham Pacha Ravi
2018-08-23Set initial quota in Quobyte and correct resizingSilvan Kaiser
2018-08-15Merge "Fix tap device disappear after node restart" into stable/pikeZuul
2018-08-03Fix ZFSOnLinux doc about manage opsGoutham Pacha Ravi
2018-08-02Merge "DB Migration: fix downgrade in 579c267fbb4d" into stable/pikeZuul
2018-07-31Merge "Fix share-service VM restart problem" into stable/pikeZuul
2018-07-30Merge "Added Handling Newer Quobyte API Error Codes" into stable/pikeZuul
2018-07-25DB Migration: fix downgrade in
2018-07-23NetApp ONTAP: Fix delete-share for vsadmin usersGoutham Pacha Ravi
2018-06-29Added Handling Newer Quobyte API Error CodesSilvan Kaiser
2018-06-27Remove confusing DB deprecation messagesTom Barron
2018-06-08Fix share-service VM restart problemXiaoyang Zhang
2018-06-05Fix tap device disappear after node
2018-04-25Add options to config sampleVasyl Saienko
2018-04-04Change a parameter key for CIFS mounting commandzengyingzhe
2018-04-02Merge "Utilize requests lib for Huawei storage connection" into stable/pikeZuul
2018-03-25Log config options with oslo.configDustin Schoenbrun
2018-03-25Merge "Fix default and detailed share type result not correct" into stable/pikeZuul
2018-03-22Merge "Fix db migration for mariadb >= 10.2.8" into stable/pikeZuul
2018-03-21Merge "Raise error when image status is not active" into stable/pikeZuul
2018-03-04Fix manila logging rabbitmq password in debug modeDustin Schoenbrun
2018-02-27Merge "Fix error message in the manage API" into stable/pikeZuul
2018-02-20Fix db migration for mariadb >= 10.2.8Stefan Nica
2018-02-06Utilize requests lib for Huawei storage connectionzengyingzhe
2018-01-26Use native Zuul v3 tox jobAndreas Jaeger
2018-01-24Merge "Disable security group rule when create port" into stable/pikeZuul
2018-01-23Remove use of deprecated config 'resources_prefix'Tom Barron
2018-01-20Disable security group rule when create porthaobing1
2018-01-12Raise error when image status is not activejunboli
2018-01-12Fix default and detailed share type result not correctjunboli
2018-01-08Merge "Fix getting share networks and security services error" into stable/pikeZuul
2018-01-05Fix error message in the manage APIArjun Kashyap