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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-10-11Simplify running pylintChuck Short
2018-10-04Remove run_tests.shTom Barron
2018-06-06Default pylint to run using python37.0.0.0b2Sean McGinnis
2018-01-14Use stestr for coveragelijunbo
2017-07-14Fix grammatical mistake, Changed character from "a" to "an"yanghuichan
2017-02-03Prepare for using standard python testsAndreas Jaeger
2016-12-20use six.StringIO for compatibility with io.StringIO in python3gengchc2
2016-11-16Fix spelling mistakes in cover.shzhangyanxian
2016-04-08Detect addition of executable filesTom Barron
2016-04-05Remove unused logging import and LOG globalTom Barron
2016-02-21Add tox fast8 optionTom Barron
2016-02-14Removed ignored checks from tox.ini and fixed pep8 issuesDavid Sariel
2015-11-20Last sync to Manila from oslo-incubatorClinton Knight
2015-09-21Fix 'cover' tox jobValeriy Ponomaryov
2015-07-27Make coverage tox job fail when test coverage was reducedValeriy Ponomaryov
2015-04-03Enable developers to see pylint outputLuis Pabón
2014-12-27py3: use six.moves.urllib.parse instead of urlparsechen-li
2014-10-26Sync with oslo-incubatorAndreas Jaeger
2014-10-22Switch to oslo.configAndreas Jaeger
2014-10-06Remove vim headersMarc Koderer
2014-08-27Flake8: Fix and enable H404Andreas Jaeger
2014-08-14Sync scripts with oslo-incubatorAndreas Jaeger
2014-08-12Use common config generatorThomas Bechtold
2014-08-12Add config module from oslo-incubatorThomas Bechtold
2014-07-25py3: use six.string_types instead of basestringValeriy Ponomaryov
2014-07-22Refactor test frameworkvponomaryov
2014-07-02Replace python print operator with print function (pep H233, py33)Valeriy Ponomaryov
2014-03-25Fix venv installation for run_tests.shvponomaryov
2013-10-17Remove obsolete redhat-eventlet.patchMark McLoughlin
2013-09-30Remove d2to1 dependencyMonty Taylor
2013-09-17modified conf sampleubu
2013-09-17docsYulia Portnova
2013-09-11Fixed flake8 errorsYulia Portnova
2013-09-05Update connfig.sample scriptsubu
2013-09-04Replaced cinder with manilaYulia Portnova
2013-09-02Renamed cinder to manila.Yulia Portnova
2013-08-08Initialize from cinderBen Swartzlander