AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-07-29Convert dict headers and Webob headers into lowercase.HEAD0.1.4masterPollyZ
2016-04-11Fix summary information used in pypi displayChris Dent
2016-04-08Make service_type a positional argument0.1.3Louis Taylor
2016-03-31Include README.rst content on doc index0.1.2Chris Dent
2016-03-31Fix folded header checks for WebObChris Dent
2016-03-31Enable gerrit, gitreview and gate testingChris Dent
2016-03-24Cleanup README0.1.1Chris Dent
2016-03-24allow tox to skip missing interpretersChris Dent
2016-03-24package for initial release0.1.0Chris Dent
2016-03-22Change interface to explicitly pass legacy_headersChris Dent
2016-03-22Initial proof of concept of microversion_parseChris Dent
2016-03-22Initial commitChris Dent