AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-01-05Update hacking version to latestHEADmasterzhulingjie
2018-12-03Change openstack-dev to openstack-discusszhangbailin
2018-11-14Add Train specs directorysunjia
2018-11-02Update min tox version to 2.0akhiljain23
2018-09-26fix tox python3 overridesDoug Hellmann
2018-08-20Merge "Update links in README"Zuul
2018-08-20import zuul job settings from project-configNguyen Hai
2018-08-19Update links in READMEmelissaml
2018-08-06Merge "Add custom-context-for-executions spec"Zuul
2018-08-03Add a Patch Abandonment policyDougal Matthews
2018-07-26Add custom-context-for-executions specAndras Kovi
2018-07-19Switch to use stestr for unit testHa Manh Dong
2018-02-01Fix a typo of "authentication" in commentwanghui
2017-10-05Revert "Migrate mistral-specs to zuul v3"Andreas Jaeger
2017-10-03Migrate mistral-specs to zuul v3Brad P. Crochet
2017-07-03Merge "Create and run workflows within a namespace"Jenkins
2017-06-29Create and run workflows within a namespaceMichal Gershenzon
2017-06-14Merge "HA specification"Jenkins
2017-06-13HA specificationRenat Akhmerov
2017-06-05Merge "Don't force policy specs into approved or implemented directories"Jenkins
2017-05-23Merge "Workflow Error Analysis"Jenkins
2017-05-22Workflow Error AnalysisToure Dunnon
2017-05-16Move multi-region-support to implemented folderLingxian Kong
2017-04-19Merge "Fix doc generation for python 3"Jenkins
2017-04-19Merge "Adding securing sensitive data spec"Jenkins
2017-04-17Fix doc generation for python 3Sharat Sharma
2017-04-13Merge "Optimize the link address"Jenkins
2017-04-10Optimize the link addressSharat Sharma
2017-04-08Adding securing sensitive data specBrad P. Crochet
2017-04-05Support region for openstack actionsLingxian Kong
2017-04-03Merge "Mistral Actions Library"Jenkins
2017-03-23Add 'Advanced publishing' spec instead of 'Global context' specRenat Akhmerov
2017-03-20Don't force policy specs into approved or implemented directoriesDougal Matthews
2017-03-17Mistral Actions LibraryDougal Matthews
2017-03-10Merge "Add Pike specs into index"Jenkins
2017-03-10Merge "Add AUTHORS to the .gitignore"Jenkins
2017-03-09Force the docs to be built with Python 2Dougal Matthews
2017-03-09Add AUTHORS to the .gitignoreDougal Matthews
2017-03-06Merge "Add a policy section to the Mistral specs"Jenkins
2017-03-03Add Pike specs into indexRenat Akhmerov
2017-03-03Update folder structureRenat Akhmerov
2017-03-02Add a policy section to the Mistral specsDougal Matthews
2017-03-02Update test requirementricolin
2017-01-31Fix doc build if git is absentSharat Sharma
2017-01-19Adding workflow global context specRenat Akhmerov
2017-01-11Removes unnecessary utf-8 encodingSharat Sharma
2016-12-21add CONTRIBUTING.rstzhouyunfeng
2016-11-25Show team and repo badges on READMEFlavio Percoco
2016-11-21Yaql Tasks FunctionMichal Gershenzon
2016-10-18Move spec files to correct locationLingxian Kong