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2018-06-10Update default Docker configuration and documentationBob Haddleton
2018-05-30Switch to using stestrBrad P. Crochet
2017-11-27Implement policy in code - docs and reno (end)Hieu LE
2017-09-25TrivialFix: Add doc/build directory in .gitignorejunboli
2017-07-17Ignore linux swap files rangejunboli
2017-07-05Update .gitignoreKien Nguyen
2017-06-23Refactor mistral context using oslo_contextLingxian Kong
2017-01-11Initial commit for mistral api-refSharat Sharma
2016-11-15Remove unused pylintrcyushangbin
2016-06-03Remove AUTHORS file from git trackingLingxian Kong
2016-03-21module docs are not being generatedNina Goradia
2015-12-01Add etc/mistral.conf.sample to .gitignoreDan Prince
2015-11-21Adding releasenotes management to MistralLingxian Kong
2015-08-20Update the gitingore file and tox.inizhu.rong
2015-08-07Mistral documentation: Initial commitNikolay Mahotkin
2015-07-06Modify to support PostgreSQLWinson Chan
2014-06-04Move tests to testrNikolay Mahotkin
2014-04-24Adding all conf files in etc/ to .gitignoreRenat Akhmerov
2013-12-24Added trust for workbook runsAlexander Kuznetsov
2013-12-12Implementing scalable Mistral EngineRenat Akhmerov
2013-11-01Add .gitreview, and other infrastructure.Renat Akhmerov
2013-10-22Adding .gitignoreRenat Akhmerov