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2019-01-04Update mailinglist from dev to discussyfzhao
2018-11-22Add Python 3.6 classifier to setup.cfgBob Haddleton
2018-09-19Add entry point to allow for oslo.policy CLI usageLance Bragstad
2018-07-09Follow the new PTI for document buildNguyen Van Trung
2018-04-23Added JavaScript evaluator which doesn't require a compilationVitalii Solodilov
2018-04-08Added thread pool for eventlet executor modeVitalii Solodilov
2018-02-24Implement notification of execution eventsWinson Chan
2017-12-26Remove intree mistral tempest pluginChandan Kumar
2017-12-21Actually add the yaml_dump expressionBrad P. Crochet
2017-12-20Add executions yaql filterAdriano Petrich
2017-11-27Implement policy in code (1)Dai Dang Van
2017-11-03Add a json_dump expression functionDougal Matthews
2017-10-12Add yaml and json parsing functionsBrad P. Crochet
2017-07-19Update and optimize documentation linksHangdong Zhang
2017-07-13Adding warning-is-error to doc buildingcsatari
2017-06-14Merge "Change author in setup.cfg"Jenkins
2017-06-12Change author in setup.cfgLuong Anh Tuan
2017-06-10Optimize the link addressVan Hung Pham
2017-05-10Fix WSGI script for gunicornWinson Chan
2017-04-27Make rpc_backend not engine specificWinson Chan
2017-04-27Add option to run actions locally on the engineWinson Chan
2017-04-19Merge "Advanced publishing: add 'global' function to access global variables"Jenkins
2017-04-19Merge "Enable WSGI under Apache in devstack"Jenkins
2017-04-13Enable WSGI under Apache in devstackBrad P. Crochet
2017-04-13Advanced publishing: add 'global' function to access global variablesRenat Akhmerov
2017-04-11Disable pbrs auto python-api generationDougal Matthews
2017-04-05Add a Mistral lexer for pygmentsDougal Matthews
2017-02-10Merge "Remove support for py34"Jenkins
2017-02-08Remove support for py34gengchc2
2017-01-22Merge "Make kombu driver work in multi-thread manner"Jenkins
2017-01-18Add action "std.test_dict"Renat Akhmerov
2017-01-17Register Javascript action additionally as 'js' actionRenat Akhmerov
2017-01-13Make kombu driver work in multi-thread mannerDawid Deja
2016-12-09Merge "Remove commented-out Apache 2 classifier from setup.cfg"Jenkins
2016-12-08Remove commented-out Apache 2 classifier from setup.cfgJi zhaoxuan
2016-11-30Yaql Tasks FunctionMichal Gershenzon
2016-10-05Add Jinja evaluatorKirill Izotov
2016-09-15Abstract authentication functionWinson Chan
2016-08-31Add 'uuid' YAQL function3.0.0.0b3Renat Akhmerov
2016-07-15Merge "Add Python 3.5 classifier and venv"Jenkins
2016-07-14Rename package mistral.engine.rpc to mistral.engine.rpc_backendRoman Dobosz
2016-07-14Add Python 3.5 classifier and venvPanFengyun
2016-07-05Make RPC implementation configurableNikolay Mahotkin
2016-07-05Add support for custom YAQL functionsXavier Hardy
2016-06-22Remove std.mistral_http action from testsDawid Deja
2016-05-24Add Python 3.4 to the classifiersDougal Matthews
2016-03-25Also package mistral_tempest_testsThomas Goirand
2016-03-21module docs are not being generatedNina Goradia
2016-03-11register the config generator default hook with the right nameDoug Hellmann
2016-03-10Moved CORS middleware configuration into oslo-config-generatorMichael Krotscheck