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2017-05-18Change to use .html for flavor disks and nicsZhenguo Niu
2017-05-18Merge "Add console support"Jenkins
2017-05-18Add console supportZhenguo Niu
2017-05-17Show flavor details on servers launchingZhenguo Niu
2017-05-16Show full flavor with serverZhenguo Niu
2017-05-15Move project panels to new project dirZhenguo Niu
2017-05-11Add Server Reboot/Soft Reboot actionsZhenguo Niu
2017-05-10Add Start/Stop server supportZhenguo Niu
2017-05-09Add server ips columnZhenguo Niu
2017-05-09Fix no availability zone errorZhenguo Niu
2017-05-08Merge "Launch server workflow support"Jenkins
2017-05-08Launch server workflow supportZhenguo Niu
2017-05-08Fix server get exception when deletingZhenguo Niu
2017-05-08Add mogan exceptionsZhenguo Niu
2017-05-08Fix delete action allow checkZhenguo Niu
2017-05-08Add keypairs panelZhenguo Niu
2017-05-07Merge "Add delete server action"Jenkins
2017-05-07Add delete server actionZhenguo Niu
2017-05-06Add server details linkZhenguo Niu
2017-05-05Add servers table filter actionZhenguo Niu
2017-05-05Add more columns to server tableZhenguo Niu
2017-05-05Add Servers tableZhenguo Niu
2017-04-26Fix enabled panel errorZhenguo Niu
2017-04-24Rename instances panel to serversZhenguo Niu
2017-04-19Merge "Add bare metal servers content"Jenkins
2017-04-19Add bare metal servers contentZhenguo Niu
2017-04-19Add enabled panel and panelgroupZhenguo Niu
2017-04-18Add servers list APIZhenguo Niu
2017-03-10Initial importZhenguo Niu