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2017-10-27updated documentation as java is deprecated nowChristoph Held
2017-06-08[doc] Fix incorrect formatting on get alarm countEmma Foley
2017-05-30Add healtcheck endpointArtur Basiak
2017-02-23Update documentation for group_by parametersRyan Brandt
2016-10-12Add support for 'last' functionRyan Brandt
2016-10-07Add metrics/dimensions/names into monasca-apiKaiyan Sheng
2016-10-07Merge "Remove id from monasca metric name list"Jenkins
2016-10-05Remove id from monasca metric name listKaiyan Sheng
2016-10-03Fix typo: remove redundant 'the'Luong Anh Tuan
2016-09-28Fix a few typos in API specHironori Shiina
2016-08-01Adds support for notification plugins in monacaapihaali1
2016-07-26Merge "Change Monasca Port"Jenkins
2016-07-20Add metrics/dimensions/names/values api for grafana templating optimizationBrad Klein
2016-07-19Add patch-notification into the content of monasca-api-specKaiyan Sheng
2016-07-19Change Monasca PortMatteus Silva
2016-07-12Fix update notification method docKaiyan Sheng
2016-06-17Add patch to notification method and clean up codeMichael James Hoppal
2016-06-09Allow filtering by multiple severitiesRyan Brandt
2016-06-08Add period field to notification methodsMichael James Hoppal
2016-06-08(Non)deterministic support for alarmsTomasz Trębski
2016-05-11Add support for multiple metrics in measurements and statistics resourcesRyan Brandt
2016-04-15Merge "Validate value meta key and value in python api"Jenkins
2016-04-13Fix alarms with sort_by testsShinya Kawabata
2016-04-06Proposal of adding sort parameter to list notificationsShinya Kawabata
2016-03-31Validate value meta key and value in python apiKaiyan Sheng
2016-02-22Documentation:List Alarm/Alarms State HistoryKaiyan Sheng
2016-02-15Fix typo and add missed "metric_" prefix in docsShinya Kawabata
2016-02-10Dimension keys and values must not be emptyCraig Bryant
2016-01-26Enhance dimension filteringRyan Brandt
2016-01-26Allow alarm definition and alarm lists to be sortedRyan Brandt
2016-01-26Add alarm count resourceRyan Brandt
2016-01-08Correct 201 return code descriptionCraig Bryant
2016-01-06Merge "Update API doc"Jenkins
2015-12-10Add optional start_time and end_time for metrics listbklei
2015-12-08Update API docShinya Kawabata
2015-12-07Fix typo in alarm def creation examplebklei
2015-12-03Fix documentation on get_alarmKaiyan Sheng
2015-12-01Merge "Use Measurement where Metric was incorrectly used"Jenkins
2015-11-30Use Measurement where Metric was incorrectly usedCraig Bryant
2015-11-12Require all fields on alarm definition PUTRyan Brandt
2015-10-28Fix the description for when UNDETERMINED is setCraig Bryant
2015-09-16Fix typosShinya Kawabata
2015-07-15Merge "Do not allow metrics in quotes"Jenkins
2015-07-13Do not allow metrics in quotesRyan Brandt
2015-07-09Add ability for monasca-admin to get cross tenant metricsbklei
2015-06-12Fix bug jah-1771Deklan Dieterly