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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-06-12Enable uWSGI support in devstackAdrian Czarnecki
2017-08-28Config-generator for monasca-apiTomasz Trębski
2017-06-21Adjust monasca-api installationArtur Basiak
2017-05-30Add healtcheck endpointArtur Basiak
2017-03-14Add multibyte character support for alarm definitionShinya Kawabata
2017-03-08Use oslo.db for sqla driverliyingjun
2017-02-16Remove mysql repositoriesCraig Bryant
2017-01-09Integration with oslo.contextTomasz Trębski
2016-10-12Proposition for separate config for loggers.Jakub Wachowski
2016-10-07Add metrics/dimensions/names into monasca-apiKaiyan Sheng
2016-08-04Add monasca api read-only user roleBrad Klein
2016-08-04Merge "Enable Cassandra Database"Jenkins
2016-08-04Enable Cassandra DatabaseDeklan Dieterly
2016-08-01Adds support for notification plugins in monacaapihaali1
2016-07-20Add metrics/dimensions/names/values api for grafana templating optimizationBrad Klein
2016-02-27ORM (sqlalchemy) implementation for pythonoiskam1
2016-01-26Add alarm count resourceRyan Brandt
2016-01-22Update API to falcon 0.3Ryan Brandt
2015-06-12Converted to the oslo libraries in pypiRoland Hochmuth
2015-06-06Updated for Falcon 0.2 and clean-upRoland Hochmuth
2015-04-24streams definition POST, GET, GET (id), DELETE2015.1cindy oneill
2015-03-12Merge "Conversion to milliseconds"Jenkins
2015-03-11Conversion to millisecondsRoland Hochmuth
2015-03-04Events (already distilled) will be posted to transformed-eventscindy oneill
2015-02-12Integrating monasca-api with keystonemiddlewarehenriquetruta
2014-12-04enable microserviceTong Li
2014-11-07Add Alarms resources filesDeklan Dieterly
2014-10-31Add alarm definition create resourceDeklan Dieterly
2014-10-24Notifications resource support, link functionscindy oneill
2014-10-15Fix config file for case sensitivityDeklan Dieterly
2014-10-14Use new monasca-common package namesCraig Bryant
2014-10-02Start of initial reference implementation and re-factoredRoland Hochmuth
2014-09-15initial python implementationTong Li
2014-06-02updated to get middleware workingDerrick Johnson