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2018-01-12Update links in pom.xmlinspurericzhang
2017-02-15Release version 1.2.1 for JavaWitold Bedyk
2016-12-16Change version to Bedyk
2015-10-21Fix the remaining URLs from the move to openstackCraig Bryant
2015-10-19Change the repositories from stackforge to openstackvenkatamahesh
2015-04-27Bump to version 1.1Tim Kuhlman
2015-03-13Change to use maven 3Craig Bryant
2015-02-09Get the java build working in StackForgeCraig Bryant
2014-12-11Removed swaggerRoland Hochmuth
2014-11-21Fixes validation of emails and webhooks. Fixed the incorrect indentation as w...Victor Ion Munteanu
2014-10-14Use new monasca-common package namesCraig Bryant
2014-10-10Change to use monasca everywhereCraig Bryant
2014-09-24Add version information to maven pluginsJonathan Halterman
2014-08-21Added a tar ball to the package targetTim Kuhlman
2014-08-17Remove all dependencies on hpcloud maven repositoryCraig Bryant
2014-07-23Changes to work with new monasca_common buildCraig Bryant
2014-07-21Use InfluxDbConfiguration from mon-influxdb.Deklan Dieterly
2014-07-17Change docker-version.Deklan Dieterly
2014-07-14Make docker integration tests work from CL with 'mvn verify'.Deklan Dieterly
2014-07-14Find the latest built shaded jar automatically.Deklan Dieterly
2014-07-11Add integration tests using docker.Deklan Dieterly
2014-07-09Remove dependencies.Deklan Dieterly
2014-07-09Make tests use UTC for dates.Deklan Dieterly
2014-06-29changed code to include changes for mon-middlewareDerrick Johnson
2014-06-25removing middleware code from mon-apiDerrick Johnson
2014-06-25removing middleware code from mon-apiDerrick Johnson
2014-06-25restructured middleware into hpcloudDerrick Johnson
2014-06-25changed to original pom fileDerrick Johnson
2014-06-25fixing pom.xml after mergeDerrick Johnson
2014-06-25had to add the influx db dependency back after the merge removed itDerrick Johnson
2014-06-25merge completeDerrick Johnson
2014-06-24commented out unnecessary files and codeDerrick Johnson
2014-06-23Refactor code to remove duplication.Deklan Dieterly
2014-06-19still need to fix problem when pool is at maxDerrick Johnson
2014-06-16testing authenticationDerrick Johnson
2014-06-16Add influxDB Support.Deklan Dieterly
2014-06-10not authenticatingDerrick Johnson
2014-06-01Changes so it will use mon-common from the local snapshot. Change URLs to githubCraig Bryant
2014-05-08Update to build 51 of mon-common so MetricEnvelope gets a timestamp before se...Craig Bryant
2014-05-01Removed mon-http dependenciesJonathan Halterman
2014-04-30Added initial support for alarm expression dataJonathan Halterman
2014-04-25Updated timestamps to be ISO 8601 formattedJonathan Halterman
2014-04-23Added initial swagger-ui supportJonathan Halterman
2014-04-18Added description to AlarmUpdatedEventJonathan Halterman
2014-04-10Updated metric and measurement queries to support new normalized db schemaJonathan Halterman
2014-04-01Fix formattingJonathan Halterman
2014-04-01Add Swagger infrastructure.Deklan Dieterly
2014-03-31Update dropwizard version.Deklan Dieterly
2014-03-28Added initial support for querying measurementsJonathan Halterman
2014-03-26Send alarm state and enabled values with updated eventsJonathan Halterman