BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterUpdate version numbersWitold Bedyk4 days
1.2.1commit 7f0b8621cb...OpenStack Release Bot3 days
1.2.0commit 286ffd7dca...OpenStack Release Bot10 days
1.1.0commit d17911fabd...OpenStack Release Bot7 weeks
1.0.0commit 19a5c26744...OpenStack Release Bot13 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
4 daysUpdate version numbersHEAD1.2.1masterWitold Bedyk
10 daysMerge "Add OpenStack default dashboard"1.2.0Zuul
10 daysMerge "Add support for monasca-ui metrics API proxy"Zuul
10 daysAdd support for monasca-ui metrics API proxyJohannes Grassler
2017-12-01Add OpenStack default dashboardHaruki Yamanashi
2017-10-23Add package.json1.1.0Witold Bedyk
2017-06-16Add some dashboard examplesBrad Klein
2017-04-11Optimize the link addressrajat29
2017-02-08Merge "Show team and repo badges on README"Jenkins
2017-01-30Change datasource idRyan Bak