BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterMerge "Updated from global requirements"Zuul2 weeks
stable/ocataFix tempest test for empty_bodywachowskij11 months
stable/pikeZuul: Remove project nameJames E. Blair3 months
stable/queensSet stable/queens branch for devstackWitold Bedyk3 months
2.6.0commit 51d9493eda...OpenStack Release Bot4 months
2.5.0commit 6b7a43342c...OpenStack Release Bot5 months
2.4.0commit 1c6e5db971...OpenStack Release Bot7 months
newton-eolcommit 3ca4d5f1a8...Tony Breeds7 months
2.3.0commit b96a3feff5...OpenStack Release Bot9 months
2.2.1commit 022147484e...OpenStack Release Bot10 months
2.2.0commit 94885f91a9...OpenStack Release Bot11 months
1.4.2commit f52802f00c...OpenStack Release Bot11 months
mitaka-eolcommit 7e4df653fe...Joshua Hesketh11 months
2.1.0commit 2416534060...OpenStack Release Bot12 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2018-05-08Merge "Updated from global requirements"HEADmasterZuul
2018-05-08Merge "Add .coverage to .gitignore file"Zuul
2018-05-08Merge "Set a default value for a default_roles"Zuul
2018-05-08Add .coverage to .gitignore fileAdrian Czarnecki
2018-05-08Set a default value for a default_rolesAdrian Czarnecki
2018-04-30Updated from global requirementsOpenStack Proposal Bot
2018-04-30Merge "Remove bundled intree tempest plugin"Zuul
2018-04-30Merge "uncap eventlet"Zuul
2018-04-30Merge "add lower-constraints job"Zuul
2018-04-27uncap eventletDoug Hellmann