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2018-02-09Remove mysql-connector and bump version to 2.3.0Witold Bedyk
2017-12-20Upper pom version to 2.2.0Witold Bedyk
2017-02-15Change version to Bedyk
2016-11-23Change version to 2.1.0Witold Bedyk
2015-10-19Change repositories from stackforge to openstackvenkatamahesh
2015-04-27Bump to version 1.1Tim Kuhlman
2015-03-28Use Maven 3 for buildCraig Bryant
2015-01-26Put the thresh jar in a place where it will get uploadedCraig Bryant
2014-08-06Change to use monasca everywhereCraig Bryant
2014-07-24Get initial build to work.Craig Bryant
2014-06-25Removed dependency because mon-kafka is now on same version of kafkaCraig Bryant
2014-06-25Merge pull request #1 from hpcloud-mon/feature/require_stormTim Kuhlman
2014-06-23Removed maven-dependency-pluginTim Kuhlman
2014-06-18Add removal of debs on cleanCraig Bryant
2014-06-13Moved to an init script assuming storm is setup, dropped storm jar from debTim Kuhlman
2014-05-30Changes so it will build without access to any HP resourcesCraig Bryant
2014-05-06The timestamp on MetricEnvelope was changed to be seconds not milliseconds to...Craig Bryant
2014-05-05Rev to version 49 of mon-common to fix issue where Alarm Sub Expressions refe...Craig Bryant
2014-05-05Use the new timestamp in MetricEnvelope which is the time the API creates the...Craig Bryant
2014-05-01Update to the newest version of mon-common. Trying to keep current.Craig Bryant
2014-04-30JIRA JAH-17 Modify maven build for mon-thresh that creates a jar that can be ...Craig Bryant
2014-04-28JIRA JAH-10 On start-up threshold engine should wait for metrics for all peri...Craig Bryant
2014-04-17Set actionsEnabled for AlarmStateTransitionedEvent. Bumped up to mon-common 3...Craig Bryant
2014-04-17Changes to handle AlarmUpdatedEvent properly. Now reuses measurements if poss...Craig Bryant
2014-04-14Changed to use version 30 of mon-common to get the new MetricEnvelopes that d...Craig Bryant
2014-04-09Remove the dropwizard version property now that dropwizard is goneCraig Bryant
2014-04-09Remove dropwizard jars from pom.xml. Wasn't using them anymore and it saved a...Craig Bryant
2014-04-01Change to use the AlarmStateTransitionedEvent from mon-common and remove Alar...Craig Bryant
2014-03-27Added handling for AlarmUpdatedEvent. This is not yet complete because it dep...Craig Bryant
2014-03-20Added logging.Deklan Dieterly
2014-03-19Add logging configuration.Deklan Dieterly
2014-03-14Change mon-common dependency to be Dieterly
2014-03-14Get deb file creation working.Deklan Dieterly
2014-03-13Changed ${version} to ${project.version}.Deklan Dieterly
2014-03-13Added missing version numbers to plugins.Deklan Dieterly
2014-03-13Add version number for scm plugin.Deklan Dieterly
2014-03-13Update storm to 0.9.1-incubating.Deklan Dieterly
2014-03-13Update storm to 0.9.1-incubating.Deklan Dieterly
2014-03-13Fix pom.Deklan Dieterly
2014-03-12Update pom to use storm 0.9.1-incubating.Deklan Dieterly
2014-03-12Start building Kafka connections.Deklan Dieterly
2014-03-11Add Kafka dependency.Deklan Dieterly
2014-03-11Had to exclude logback-core as well as logback-classic otherwise I was gettin...craigbr
2014-03-10Removed ps-streaming dependencies in favor of mon-streamingJonathan Halterman
2014-03-10Migrated most ps-common dependencies to mon-commonJonathan Halterman
2014-03-10maas -> namingJonathan Halterman
2013-10-31Fixed alarm testJonathan Halterman
2013-10-08Update ps-common for synchronized module registrationJonathan Halterman
2013-10-07Pickup some ps-common improvements around SargeJonathan Halterman
2013-10-07Improved support for FlatMetric deserializationJonathan Halterman