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2networking-6wind - Neutron support for fast path stack 2networking-6wind - Neutron support for fast path stack
3====================================================== 3======================================================
4 4
5ML2 Mechanism Drivers for 6WIND DPDK fast path. It allows to keep Linux scenarios: 5ML2 Mechanism Drivers for 6WIND DPDK fast path.
6OVS, Bridge, iptables (NAT + ACL), netns that are offloaded by the fast path. 6
7Fast path technology is a user-space stack for high performance packets
8offloading the Linux networking functions: IPv4/IPv6 routing, linux bridge, OVS,
9iptables, conntrack...
11Fast path is deployed on the compute nodes to offload the packet
12processing. It can be configured with standard linux commands (i.e. iproute2,
13ovs-vsctl, ...), which allow to support Neutron Mechanism Driver/Agents based on
14Linux bridge or openvswitch.
7 15
8* Free software: Apache license 16* Free software: Apache license
9* Documentation: 17* Documentation: