BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
feature/liberty_ksv3BVS-7099: raise exception on topology sync failuresSarath Kumar17 months
feature/stable/liberty_ksv3Merge "OSP-103: fix testpath with special char in tenant/segment" into featur...Jenkins9 months
feature/stable/liberty_v2OSP-36: update translation to one from pluginAditya Vaja9 months
masterMerge "Remove obsolete tempest-lib"Zuul2 weeks
stable/mitakaIN-250: fetch git tags outside containerAditya Vaja5 months
stable/newtonnewton eol-ed. need to update the git pointerAditya Vaja4 months
stable/ocataOSP-149: fix object selector in validation methodAditya Prakash Vaja3 weeks
stable/pikeOSP-149: fix l3_router_plugin to call ml2 port operations outside of transactionAditya Prakash Vaja3 weeks
stable/queensupdate defaultbranch for review to stable/queensAditya Prakash Vaja7 days
testNo more depend on portbindings vendor vif type constantsCedric Brandily3 years
12.0.2commit 1575d08d33...Aditya Prakash Vaja9 days
10.46.4commit 3d0780b9c9...Aditya Prakash Vaja4 weeks
10.46.3commit bfca050b77...Aditya Prakash Vaja5 weeks
10.46.2commit 06f2871aa3...Aditya Vaja2 months
11.0.3commit 246f0174c6...Aditya Vaja2 months
12.0.1commit 7d73e97580...Aditya Vaja2 months
10.46.1commit 2ddff1d1ec...Aditya Vaja2 months
12.0.0commit e2438a47c3...Aditya Prakash Vaja2 months
11.0.2commit cced14c728...Aditya Prakash Vaja2 months
11.0.1commit e2438a47c3...Aditya Prakash Vaja2 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2018-02-05Merge "Remove obsolete tempest-lib"HEADmasterZuul
2018-01-29OSP-149: fix l3_router_plugin to call ml2 port operations outside of transactionAditya Prakash Vaja
2018-01-20Remove obsolete tempest-libAndreas Jaeger
2018-01-19OSP-119: cleanup spec file to match upstream version12.0.2Aditya Prakash Vaja
2018-01-19OSP-119: update spec file for rhel rpm buildsAditya Prakash Vaja
2018-01-18Merge "OSP-119: move ivs port plug/unplug to separate os-vif plugin"Zuul
2018-01-17neutron-lib impact: move neutron.callbacks to neutron-libAditya Prakash Vaja
2018-01-16OSP-119: move ivs port plug/unplug to separate os-vif pluginAditya Vaja
2018-01-12OSP-153: update exception move to neutron-libAditya Prakash Vaja
2018-01-12skip UT for now until fixedAditya Prakash Vaja