BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
feature/liberty_ksv3BVS-7099: raise exception on topology sync failuresSarath Kumar20 months
feature/stable/liberty_ksv3Merge "OSP-103: fix testpath with special char in tenant/segment" into featur...Jenkins12 months
feature/stable/liberty_v2OSP-36: update translation to one from pluginAditya Vaja12 months
masterOSP-169: use eventlet.sleep instead of time.sleepAditya Prakash Vaja4 weeks
stable/mitakaIN-250: fetch git tags outside containerAditya Vaja9 months
stable/newtonremove hash_handler check and topo_syncAditya Prakash Vaja4 days
stable/ocataOSP-169: use eventlet.sleep instead of time.sleepAditya Prakash Vaja4 weeks
stable/pikeOSP-169: use eventlet.sleep instead of time.sleepAditya Prakash Vaja4 weeks
stable/queensOSP-169: use eventlet.sleep instead of time.sleepAditya Prakash Vaja4 weeks
testNo more depend on portbindings vendor vif type constantsCedric Brandily3 years
9.42.13commit 192f55fd5a...Aditya Prakash Vaja4 days
11.47.2commit 800df8b8b4...Aditya Prakash Vaja3 weeks
10.46.8commit 34e7926fe1...Aditya Prakash Vaja3 weeks
9.42.12commit 8b934fda14...Aditya Prakash Vaja3 weeks
11.47.1commit c2909e4ded...Aditya Prakash Vaja4 weeks
10.46.7commit a17c222cbe...Aditya Prakash Vaja4 weeks
9.42.11commit 94efb1d9d3...Aditya Prakash Vaja4 weeks
9.42.10commit 72f48630ea...Aditya Prakash Vaja5 weeks
10.46.6commit 3ba89feba5...Aditya Prakash Vaja5 weeks
11.47.0commit 0a7e8d9c5e...Aditya Prakash Vaja5 weeks
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2018-04-30OSP-169: use eventlet.sleep instead of time.sleepHEADmasterAditya Prakash Vaja
2018-04-30OSP-167: handle exception during security group rule deletionAditya Prakash Vaja
2018-04-27OSP-174: fix import of constant in driver.pyAditya Prakash Vaja
2018-04-19OSP-170: Add support for TLS1.2, which was used in BCF4.7Weifan Fu
2018-03-28Fix the topology sync to use fixed ip in the router interface, instead of sub...Weifan Fu
2018-03-28topics moved from neutron.common to neutron_lib.agentAditya Prakash Vaja
2018-03-13Merge "ubuntu 16.04 container doesn't need sudo"Zuul
2018-03-13ubuntu 16.04 container doesn't need sudoAditya Prakash Vaja
2018-03-08OSP-160: fix import deprecationAditya Prakash Vaja
2018-03-07Migrate to stestr and sphinx PTI commandsMonty Taylor