AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-05-19When VRRP is enabled, router interface deletion fails when used with subnet idHEADmitaka-eolmasterRitesh Madapurath
2016-04-18Bare Metal SupportRitesh Madapurath
2016-04-13Fix PEP8 errors in MLX pluginAngela Smith
2016-04-13Adding Non-ampp support for VDXRitesh Madapurath
2016-03-17Support for enable password configurationPradeep Sathasivam
2016-03-14Merge "Update Brocade MLX plugin from Neutron decomposition"kilo-eolJenkins
2016-03-09Fixes netconf timeout issuermadapur
2016-03-08Update Brocade MLX plugin from Neutron decompositionAngela Smith
2015-12-01Update README to reflect new repo locationJeremy Stanley
2015-11-24Update .gitreview to reflect new repository nameAngela Smith
2015-08-24Updating requirements and test-requirements files.Angela Smith
2015-06-17fix l3 plugin to work for 5600 routerHarkirat Singh
2015-05-20Add multiple IPv6 prefixes supportHarkirat Singh
2015-05-20Add generic InterfaceInfo and RouterConfig classHarkirat Singh
2015-05-20Add MultiDict class implementationHarkirat Singh
2015-05-15Fix _create_gw_port interface updateHarkirat Singh
2015-05-15Update unit testsHarkirat Singh
2015-05-15Delete port security bindings on existing portHarkirat Singh
2015-05-15add_port_security_extension_supportHarkirat Singh
2015-05-15Merge "update test code after the unittest reorg"Jenkins
2015-05-15Merge "Add extra parameter in _make_router_interface_info"Jenkins
2015-05-15Merge "Use custom RouterInfo for L3 agent"Jenkins
2015-05-05Add text to README.rst describing MDs and PluginsShiv Haris
2015-05-05update test code after the unittest reorgHarkirat Singh
2015-05-05Add extra parameter in _make_router_interface_infoHarkirat Singh
2015-05-05Use custom RouterInfo for L3 agentHarkirat Singh
2015-04-18Remove methods override from L3AgentMiddlewareHarkirat Singh
2015-04-16Merge "Remove testlib_plugin ref from l3 plugin"Jenkins
2015-04-14Merge "Handle unsupported network types"Jenkins
2015-04-13Removed built-in transaction supportPradeep Sathasivam
2015-04-12Remove testlib_plugin ref from l3 pluginHarkirat Singh
2015-04-10Handle unsupported network typesPradeep Sathasivam
2015-04-09Merge "Removed config registration"Jenkins
2015-04-09Removed config registrationPradeep Sathasivam
2015-04-09Adjust imports for re-organized neutron unit test treeShiv Haris
2015-03-30Code refactor to sync with Firewall Insertion Model implementationVishwanath Jayaraman
2015-03-16Fix unit test failures for delete ipv6 and clear gateway issuesSripriya
2015-03-16Merge "Enabling MLX ML2 unit tests."Jenkins
2015-03-15Enabling MLX ML2 unit tests.Angela Smith
2015-03-15remove neutron.common.log imports and update to oslo.logSripriya
2015-03-14Update cfg registrations based on changes made to shims.Angela Smith
2015-03-14Fix logging imports to oslo logAngela Smith
2015-03-13Oslo logging changes requires import change for loggingShiv Haris
2015-03-10Add ML2 VLAN mechanism driver for Brocade MLX and ICX switchesShiv Haris
2015-03-09Fixing import of the decomposed nos driverShiv Haris
2015-03-04Enable unit test on vdx platformShiv Haris
2015-03-03Remove model completely from stackforge leave in neutron.Shiv Haris
2015-03-03Move the extension alias from neutron_plugin to shim plugin in neutron treeSripriya
2015-03-03Merge "Fix MySQL deadlock issue"Jenkins
2015-03-02Fix typo in import pathnameShiv Haris