BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterBumped infoblox-client version to 0.4.19Akash Deep7 weeks
stable/mitakaMerge "Release 8.0.1 Mitaka" into stable/mitakaJenkins7 months
stable/newtonUpdate infoblox-client requirement to 0.4.18Akash Deep2 months
stable/ocataMerge "Removed OS_REGION_NAME dependency from sync tools." into stable/ocataZuul12 hours
stable/pikeMerge "Added proper log message which reflects cause of failure." into stable...Zuul12 hours
stable/queensBumped infoblox-client version to 0.4.19Akash Deep7 weeks
11.0.0commit d8097af184...Ishant Tyagi5 months
mitaka-eolcommit 5e8ccee3d4...Joshua Hesketh6 months
liberty-eolcommit e73bebc29b...Joshua Hesketh6 months
10.0.0commit ced9c711d2...John Belamaric7 months
9.0.1commit 6c891557e4...John Belamaric7 months
8.0.1commit 5e8ccee3d4...John Belamaric7 months
9.0.0commit 7ff99f5fff...John Belamaric14 months
8.0.0commit ac5bdfed4d...John Belamaric14 months
7.0.0commit 30469c906e...John Belamaric14 months
2.0.2commit 6d5530214d...John Belamaric20 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2018-02-06Bumped infoblox-client version to 0.4.19HEADstable/queensmasterAkash Deep
2018-02-06Added proper log message which reflects cause of failure.Akash Deep
2018-01-29Merge "Removed OS_REGION_NAME dependency from sync tools."Zuul
2018-01-29Removed OS_REGION_NAME dependency from sync tools.Akash Deep
2018-01-29Added filter of CMP Type on GET networkAkash Deep
2017-11-24Update infoblox-client requirement to 0.4.18Akash Deep
2017-11-20Merge "Update infoblox-client requirement to 0.4.17"Zuul
2017-11-17Fix exception while grid sync when GM is disconnectedAkash Deep
2017-11-10Update infoblox-client requirement to 0.4.17Akash Deep
2017-11-09Handled exception while restarting member services when cp member disconnectedAkash Deep