BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
feature/graphqlMerge "docs: Fix formatting block in ovs firewall docs"Zuul3 months
feature/lbaasv2Implement Jinja templates for haproxy configPhillip Toohill4 years
feature/pecanMerge "Remove pecan branch reference from .gitreview file" into feature/pecanJenkins3 years
feature/qosMerge "SR-IOV: Add Agent QoS driver to support bandwidth limit" into feature/qosJenkins3 years
masterMerge "use TenantIdProjectIdFilterConflict from neutron-lib"Zuul2 hours
stable/ocataMerge "get_subnet_for_dvr returns SNAT mac instead of distributed gateway in ...Zuul10 days
stable/pikeMerge "Reduce qos rpc times on the ovs-agent side" into stable/pikeZuul6 days
stable/queensovsdb monitor: do not die on ovsdb-client stderr outputBernard Cafarelli30 hours
stable/rockyMerge "metadata: use requests for comms with nova api" into stable/rockyZuul12 hours
12.0.4commit 901d49b4a6...OpenStack Release Bot21 min.
13.0.1commit d48b0c15ac...OpenStack Release Bot8 days
13.0.0commit b6314ea6c3...OpenStack Release Bot3 weeks b6314ea6c3...OpenStack Release Bot4 weeks 5226e50c68...OpenStack Release Bot6 weeks f597b4bee0...OpenStack Release Bot8 weeks
10.0.7commit f71afa5b38...OpenStack Release Bot3 months
11.0.5commit e3ff53e3fc...OpenStack Release Bot3 months
12.0.3commit 9eef1db160...OpenStack Release Bot3 months 9d056139a8...OpenStack Release Bot3 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2 hoursMerge "use TenantIdProjectIdFilterConflict from neutron-lib"HEADmasterZuul
18 hoursMerge "Generate correct url in api pagination"Zuul
20 hoursMerge "Use tempest-multinode-full job from Tempest"Zuul
22 hoursuse TenantIdProjectIdFilterConflict from neutron-libBoden R
26 hoursremove _setUpExtensionBoden R
31 hoursIntegration of Port Binding Level OVOShashank Kumar Shankar
33 hoursMerge "Follow-up: add fullstack test for logging"Zuul
42 hoursMerge "ovsdb monitor: do not die on ovsdb-client stderr output"Zuul
46 hoursMerge "Revert "Use nested virt in scenario jobs""Zuul
2 daysMerge "[Docs] Update note about default burst value in QoS bw limit"Zuul