BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
feature/graphqlRemove comment from .zuul.yamlMiguel Lavalle4 months
feature/lbaasv2Implement Jinja templates for haproxy configPhillip Toohill4 years
feature/pecanMerge "Remove pecan branch reference from .gitreview file" into feature/pecanJenkins3 years
feature/qosMerge "SR-IOV: Add Agent QoS driver to support bandwidth limit" into feature/qosJenkins4 years
masterMerge "Run revision bump operations en masse"Zuul12 hours
stable/ocataFix notification about arp entries for dvr routersSlawek Kaplonski3 days
stable/pikeMerge "Fix notification about arp entries for dvr routers" into stable/pikeZuul34 hours
stable/queensMerge "Fix notification about arp entries for dvr routers" into stable/queensZuul2 days
stable/rockyFix notification about arp entries for dvr routersSlawek Kaplonski5 days
TagDownloadAuthorAge 1f94793aff...OpenStack Release Bot2 months
12.0.5commit af84349a4c...OpenStack Release Bot4 months
11.0.6commit d91307964b...OpenStack Release Bot4 months
13.0.2commit 41f81b9c37...OpenStack Release Bot4 months
12.0.4commit 901d49b4a6...OpenStack Release Bot5 months
13.0.1commit d48b0c15ac...OpenStack Release Bot5 months
13.0.0commit b6314ea6c3...OpenStack Release Bot6 months b6314ea6c3...OpenStack Release Bot6 months 5226e50c68...OpenStack Release Bot6 months f597b4bee0...OpenStack Release Bot7 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
12 hoursMerge "Run revision bump operations en masse"HEADmasterZuul
12 hoursMerge "Add dependency for service plugin"Zuul
13 hoursMerge "use api def ALIAS in _supported_extension_aliases"Zuul
17 hoursMerge "use payloads for SECURITY_GROUP BEFORE_CREATE events"Zuul
17 hoursMerge "Add new test decorator skip_if_timeout"Zuul
21 hoursMerge "remove string use of neutron.common.rpc"Zuul
28 hoursMerge "Switch multinode grenade jobs to python3"Zuul
30 hoursMerge "Consume constant from neutron-lib: DHCPV6_CLIENT_PORT"Zuul
37 hoursSwitch multinode grenade jobs to python3Bernard Cafarelli
44 hoursMerge "Bump pyroute2 version to 0.5.3"Zuul