BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
feature/lbaasv2Implement Jinja templates for haproxy configPhillip Toohill3 years
feature/pecanMerge "Remove pecan branch reference from .gitreview file" into feature/pecanJenkins2 years
feature/qosMerge "SR-IOV: Add Agent QoS driver to support bandwidth limit" into feature/qosJenkins3 years
masterMerge "Remove race and simplify conntrack state management"Zuul28 min.
stable/ocataMerge "Always pass device_owner to _ipam_get_subnets()" into stable/ocataZuul11 hours
stable/pikeConfig privsep in the linuxbridge agentBrian Haley4 days
stable/queensMerge "Config privsep in the linuxbridge agent" into stable/queensZuul22 hours
10.0.5commit f5e7420da5...OpenStack Release Bot3 days
12.0.0commit fb3f718061...OpenStack Release Bot2 weeks fb3f718061...OpenStack Release Bot4 weeks e6b4fe995d...OpenStack Release Bot5 weeks 7e3d6a18fb...OpenStack Release Bot7 weeks a62a6002b3...OpenStack Release Bot3 months
11.0.2commit 0c3d3c48a7...OpenStack Release Bot4 months e86dfc9272...OpenStack Release Bot5 months
newton-eolcommit ceb0bf8b72...Tony Breeds5 months
11.0.1commit 6790b5c70b...OpenStack Release Bot6 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
28 min.Merge "Remove race and simplify conntrack state management"HEADmasterZuul
10 hoursMerge "Drop strict-order flag from dnsmasq invocation"Zuul
11 hoursMerge "Add setting server_default in alter_enum(_add_value)"Zuul
12 hoursMerge "ovs-fw: Clear conntrack information before egress pipeline"Zuul
29 hoursMerge "Switch create/delete interfaces to pyroute2"Zuul
30 hoursMerge "Add l3_agent_mode configuration in tempest"Zuul
35 hoursMerge "use callback payloads for PRECOMMIT_UPDATE events"Zuul
3 daysRemove race and simplify conntrack state managementThomas Morin
3 daysovs-fw: Clear conntrack information before egress pipelineJakub Libosvar
3 daysMerge "Switch fullstack job to be voting"Zuul