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Add configurable options for HA networks
The L3 HA mechanism creates a project network for HA (VRRP) traffic among routers. The HA project network uses the first (default) network type in 'tenant_network_types'. Depending on the environment, this combination may not provide a desirable path for HA traffic. For example, some operators may prefer to use a specific network for HA traffic to prevent split-brain issues. This patch adds configurable options that target the network_type and the physical_network of the created HA network. Doc-Impact Closes-Bug: #1481443 Change-Id: I3527a780179b5982d6e0eb0b8c32d6dafeeab730
Notes (review): Verified+2: Jenkins Verified+1: Microsoft Hyper-V CI <> Code-Review+2: Carl Baldwin <> Workflow+1: Carl Baldwin <> Code-Review+2: Kevin Benton <> Code-Review+2: Assaf Muller <> Code-Review+1: Matthew Kassawara <> Verified+1: Ryu CI <> Verified+1: Big Switch CI <> Verified+1: Nuage CI <> Code-Review+1: Ray Schneider <> Submitted-by: Jenkins Submitted-at: Fri, 14 Aug 2015 02:03:45 +0000 Reviewed-on: Project: openstack/neutron Branch: refs/heads/master
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256# 256#
257# Enable snat by default on external gateway when available 257# Enable snat by default on external gateway when available
258# enable_snat_by_default = True 258# enable_snat_by_default = True
260# The network type to use when creating the HA network for an HA router.
261# By default or if empty, the first 'tenant_network_types'
262# is used. This is helpful when the VRRP traffic should use a specific
263# network which not the default one.
264# ha_network_type =
265# Example: ha_network_type = flat
267# The physical network name with which the HA network can be created.
268# ha_network_physical_name =
269# Example: ha_network_physical_name = physnet1
259# =========== end of items for l3 extension ======= 270# =========== end of items for l3 extension =======
260 271
261# =========== items for metadata proxy configuration ============== 272# =========== items for metadata proxy configuration ==============