AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-03-13Add {project|user}_domain_id and {project|user}_domain_name argumentsHEADmasterRadoslav Gerganov
2017-02-20Only claim python 35 as classifierEric Brown
2017-02-15Add support for Python3Radoslav Gerganov
2017-01-26Trivial fixes in the docs0.0.2Eric Brown
2017-01-26Fix for pep8 E305 failing in gateEric Brown
2016-08-25Update README fileRadoslav Gerganov
2016-08-24Add devstack pluginRadoslav Gerganov
2016-08-10Add .gitreview fileRadoslav Gerganov
2016-08-09Start using pbrRadoslav Gerganov
2016-07-22Initial commitRadoslav Gerganov