BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterMerge "create_veth_pair is unused, remove it."Zuul1 min.
stable/ocataDefault embedded instance.flavor.is_public attributeMohammed Naser3 months
stable/pikeMerge "Fix InstanceNotFound during _destroy_evacuated_instances" into stable/...Zuul6 days
stable/queensMerge "Fix InstanceNotFound during _destroy_evacuated_instances" into stable/...Zuul6 days
stable/rockyMerge "Provide a useful error message when trying to update non-compute servi...Zuul4 days
17.0.9commit 33dc9f7bbd...OpenStack Release Bot2 months
16.1.7commit 44e2ecd8e1...OpenStack Release Bot2 months
17.0.8commit a48c1123cd...OpenStack Release Bot2 months
18.1.0commit f598440037...OpenStack Release Bot2 months
18.0.3commit 16d5bb74d7...OpenStack Release Bot3 months
ocata-emcommit 8c663dbd25...OpenStack Release Bot4 months
17.0.7commit a48c1123cd...OpenStack Release Bot4 months
15.1.5commit 8c663dbd25...OpenStack Release Bot4 months
16.1.6commit 3e07bcb327...OpenStack Release Bot4 months
18.0.2commit 55b63c4d60...OpenStack Release Bot4 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
1 min.Merge "create_veth_pair is unused, remove it."HEADmasterZuul
41 hoursMerge "API microversion 2.69: Handles Down Cells"Zuul
47 hoursMerge "Trim fake_deserialize_context in test_conductor"Zuul
2 daysMerge "Add context.target_cell() stub to DownCellFixture"Zuul
2 daysMerge "Plumbing required in servers ViewBuilder to construct partial results"Zuul
2 daysMerge "Cleanup inflight rpc messages between test cases"Zuul
3 daysAPI microversion 2.69: Handles Down CellsSurya Seetharaman
3 daysAdd context.target_cell() stub to DownCellFixtureSurya Seetharaman
3 daysPlumbing required in servers ViewBuilder to construct partial resultsSurya Seetharaman
3 daysTrim fake_deserialize_context in test_conductorMatt Riedemann