path: root/nova/tests/functional/api/openstack/placement/gabbits/resource-classes.yaml
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
7 daysAdd bandwidth related standard resource classesBalazs Gibizer
2018-05-17Add granular policy rules for /resource_classes*Matt Riedemann
2018-01-18[placement] Add functional tests for resource class APITakashi NATSUME
2017-10-31[placement] avoid case issues microversions in gabbitsChris Dent
2017-10-26Merge "VGPU: Define vgpu resource class"Zuul
2017-10-25VGPU: Define vgpu resource classHuan Xie
2017-10-12[placement] add coverage for update of standard resource classChris Dent
2017-04-20[placement] Idempotent PUT /resource_classes/{name}Chris Dent
2017-02-21Placement api: set custom json_error_formatter in resource_classPushkar Umaranikar
2017-02-14Fix improper prompt when update RC with existed one's name.ericxiett
2016-12-09Return 400 when name is more than 255 charactersbhagyashris
2016-12-05placement: REST API for resource classesJay Pipes