path: root/nova/tests/functional/api/openstack/placement/gabbits/traits.yaml
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
6 daysUse external placement in functional testsChris Dent
2018-07-11Add placement.concurrent_udpate to generation pre-checksChris Dent
2018-02-19[placement] Add functional tests for traits APITakashi NATSUME
2017-12-12[placement] Add cache headers to placement api requestsChris Dent
2017-12-05[placement] Fix an error message in API validationTakashi NATSUME
2017-11-07[placement] set accept to application/json if accept not setChris Dent
2017-10-31[placement] avoid case issues microversions in gabbitsChris Dent
2017-07-15[placement] cover deleting standard traitChris Dent
2017-06-06Sync os-traits to Traits database tableChris Dent
2017-04-11placement: Add Traits API to placement serviceHe Jie Xu