path: root/nova/virt/disk/mount/
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-10-24Move kpartx calls to privsep.Michael Still
2017-10-18Cleanup mount / umount and associated rmdir callsMichael Still
2017-06-13Remove translation of log messagesNgo Quoc Cuong
2016-03-16Wait for device to be mappedAlexis Lee
2015-12-10virt: allow for direct mounting of LocalBlockImagesAndrew Melton
2015-06-04virt: convert disk mount API to use nova.virt.image.modelDaniel P. Berrange
2015-02-22Use oslo.logDavanum Srinivas
2015-02-06Switch to using oslo_* instead of oslo.*Davanum Srinivas
2014-12-04Replacement `_` on `_LW` in all LOG.warning part 4Mike Durnosvistov
2014-11-20Replacement `_` on `_LI` in all - part 1Mike Durnosvistov
2014-10-06Use oslo.utilsDavanum Srinivas
2014-07-18Use oslo.i18nDavanum Srinivas
2014-06-08Don't translate debug level logs in nova.virtGary Kotton
2014-02-03Remove vi modelinesliu-sheng
2013-12-30Fix for qemu-nbd hangDavanum Srinivas
2013-07-26Remove the monkey patching of _ into the builtinsAlex Gaynor
2013-07-14Remove locals() from virt directoryEugene Nikanorov
2013-03-11Fixes nbd device can't be released errorWangpan
2013-02-19Fix leak of loop/nbd devices in injection using localfsArata Notsu
2013-02-05lxc: Clean up namespace mountsChuck Short
2013-01-08Fix N402 for nova/virtSean Dague
2013-01-02Fix spelling mistakes in nova.virtJoe Gordon
2012-12-19Make NBD retry logic more generic, add retry to loop.Michael Still
2012-11-21Add debug logging to disk mount modulesDaniel P. Berrange
2012-11-21Remove img_handlers config parameter usageDaniel P. Berrange
2012-11-14Move all mount classes into a subdirectoryDaniel P. Berrange