AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
8 daysFix issues with novajoin functional testHEADmasterAde Lee
2019-02-28Remove unnecessary services dir from tempest pluginChandan Kumar
2019-02-24changes to fix tripleo testsAde Lee
2019-01-07Update for new IPAClientAde Lee
2018-06-07Remove volume v1 API service client usageghanshyam
2017-09-06Move build location for sphinx buildsAde Lee
2017-09-06Add documentationAde Lee
2017-09-06Merge "Remove unneeded dependency"Jenkins
2017-09-05Remove unneeded dependencyAde Lee
2017-08-30Add .gitreview fileAde Lee
2017-08-29Add mysql ssl testsAde Lee
2017-08-24Add mysql testAde Lee
2017-08-24Remove -quiet from s_client invocationJuan Antonio Osorio Robles
2017-08-24Remove unicode references for py3 complianceJuan Antonio Osorio Robles
2017-08-23Add compute node testsAde Lee
2017-08-23Modify haproxy function to account for containersJuan Antonio Osorio Robles
2017-08-22Fix TLS tests and read haproxy.cfg from controllerAde Lee
2017-08-22Add tls tests for tripleoAde Lee
2017-08-18Add novajoin server testAde Lee
2017-08-16Fix tripleo test - use append correctlyAde Lee
2017-08-16Reduce number of hardcoded parameters in the tripleo test caseAde Lee
2017-08-16Add code to dynamically get the IP from nova in tripleo testAde Lee
2017-08-16Refactor to not require passing in domain and realmAde Lee
2017-08-16Refactor verify_services to allow for non-cert verificationAde Lee
2017-08-15Move service verification to the common moduleAde Lee
2017-08-15Changes to tripleo testsAde Lee
2017-08-09Remove old test method for servicesAde Lee
2017-08-09Modified tripleo tests to use data from nova metadata insteadAde Lee
2017-08-09Fix ipa tests for tripleo deploymentAde Lee
2017-08-09Add IPA tests for tripleo deploymentAde Lee
2017-08-08More changes to get ipa tests workingAde Lee
2017-08-08Fix IPA client and creds problemAde Lee
2017-08-04Change to use IPA client instead of cmd line invocationsAde Lee
2017-08-04Added config options for username and passwordAde Lee
2017-08-03Fix PEP8 issuesAde Lee
2017-08-03Added ipa testsAde Lee
2017-08-02Fix PEP8 issuesAde Lee
2017-08-01Initial commitAde Lee