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master[AWS] Fixed error while deleting VPCPratik Shah14 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2017-11-08[AWS] Fixed error while deleting VPCHEADmasterPratik Shah
2017-10-16[AZURE] Added unit test cases for NeutronPratik Shah
2017-10-11Merge "Replace assertTrue(isinstance()) with assertIsInstance()"Jenkins
2017-10-11Replace assertTrue(isinstance()) with assertIsInstance()lihaijing
2017-10-11[AZURE] Added a fix to create resource group in Azure if not presentPratik Shah
2017-10-10[AZURE] Added unit test cases for CinderPratik Shah
2017-10-06[Azure] Glance store unit testsSanket Sudake
2017-10-04Organizing all Omni specific scripts at one placeSanket Sudake
2017-10-04[AWS] Added a bug fix for ec2 driverPratik Shah
2017-09-25Code cleaup in run tests scriptSanket