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master[cli-ref] Update python-gnocchiclient to 2.8.2KATO Tomoyuki4 hours
stable/mitakaAdd requests to fix buildingAndreas Jaeger8 days
stable/newtonImported Translations from ZanataOpenStack Proposal Bot7 hours
liberty-eolcommit cc8b39934d...Joshua Hesketh5 weeks
kilo-eolcommit 13ff5b51d9...Joshua Hesketh7 months
juno-eolcommit 304d14ffb9...Jeremy Stanley11 months
icehouse-eolcommit d68b46d8c2...Jeremy Stanley19 months
havana-eolcommit e3f06faffd...Jeremy Stanley2 years
grizzly-eolcommit 64f0eb972f...Jeremy Stanley3 years
folsom-eolcommit 88bc85d930...Jeremy Stanley3 years
2013.2commit 2051958682...Thierry Carrez3 years
essex-eolcommit e6b9f610fb...Thierry Carrez4 years
diablo-eolcommit f5834d5551...Thierry Carrez4 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
4 hours[cli-ref] Update python-gnocchiclient to 2.8.2HEADmasterKATO Tomoyuki
6 hoursMerge "Imported Translations from Zanata"Jenkins
7 hoursMerge "Fix typo: remove redundant 'the'"Jenkins
7 hoursImported Translations from ZanataOpenStack Proposal Bot
7 hoursFix typo: remove redundant 'the'Luong Anh Tuan
16 hours[www-fr] Apply themes on the header partIan Y. Choi
21 hoursTintri driver - Updating a missing configapoorvad
27 hoursUpdate link to dashboard customizationKATO Tomoyuki
28 hoursMerge "[install] Fixes change to unix_socket authentication"Jenkins
31 hoursImported Translations from ZanataOpenStack Proposal Bot