BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterMerge "Fix broken link nova-consoleauth"Jenkins5 hours
stable/icehouseConfigure additional kernel/sysctl optionsMatthew Kassawara4 weeks
stable/junoupdate ceilometer install guide and external service configurationgordon chung3 weeks
havana-eolcommit e3f06faffd...Jeremy Stanley6 months
grizzly-eolcommit 64f0eb972f...Jeremy Stanley12 months
folsom-eolcommit 88bc85d930...Jeremy Stanley16 months
2013.2commit 2051958682...Thierry Carrez17 months
essex-eolcommit e6b9f610fb...Thierry Carrez23 months
diablo-eolcommit f5834d5551...Thierry Carrez23 months
2013.1.rc2commit f633c2ce61...annegentle23 months
2013.1.rc1commit 05949245ee...Jenkins23 months
2012.2commit cdd232957d...annegentle2 years
2012.1commit dfc3891f66...annegentle3 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
5 hoursMerge "Fix broken link nova-consoleauth"HEADmasterJenkins
8 hoursMerge "Update doc for IPMI meters"Jenkins
13 hoursMerge "Renaming RST file to match xml:id"Jenkins
15 hoursRenaming RST file to match xml:idrefs/changes/14/169714/1Olena Logvinova
16 hoursFix broken link nova-consoleauthrefs/changes/06/169706/1Ramaraja Ramachandran
16 hoursAdds a user_only tag to RST files in Playground Guiderefs/changes/67/169667/4Olena Logvinova
18 hoursUpdate doc for IPMI metersrefs/changes/74/165374/3Edwin Zhai
21 hoursImported Translations from Transifexrefs/changes/32/169632/1OpenStack Proposal Bot
29 hoursAdds an id to user-guides h3 so that Sphinx theme can point to itrefs/changes/28/169528/1Anne Gentle
36 hoursMerge "added information to networking guide doc"Jenkins