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masterMerge "Set contentwidth for PDF output on images in Arch Design Guide"Jenkins4 hours
stable/havanaWatermark Havana guidesAndreas Jaeger2 weeks
stable/icehouseFix the auth_uri option in heat.confGauvain Pocentek4 days
grizzly-eolcommit 64f0eb972f...Jeremy Stanley4 months
folsom-eolcommit 88bc85d930...Jeremy Stanley8 months
2013.2commit 2051958682...Thierry Carrez9 months
essex-eolcommit e6b9f610fb...Thierry Carrez15 months
diablo-eolcommit f5834d5551...Thierry Carrez15 months
2013.1.rc2commit f633c2ce61...annegentle15 months
2013.1.rc1commit 05949245ee...Jenkins15 months
2012.2commit cdd232957d...annegentle20 months
2012.1commit dfc3891f66...annegentle2 years
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4 hoursMerge "Set contentwidth for PDF output on images in Arch Design Guide"HEADmasterJenkins
4 hoursMerge "Adds the Architecture Design Guide to the landing p...Jenkins
4 hoursMerge "Added swift as a trove prerequisite"Jenkins
10 hoursAdded swift as a trove prerequisiterefs/changes/93/109393/2Laurel Michaels
11 hoursMerge "Add missing new lines at end of file"Jenkins
11 hoursMerge "Unified the syntax of the XML root element (arch-design)"Jenkins
11 hoursMerge "Configure multiple-storage back ends"Jenkins
12 hoursMerge "Improve install guide openrc content"Jenkins
13 hoursMerge "Arch Design: Update links in prescriptive_examples_compute_focus"Jenkins
13 hoursMerge "add the glossterm "Bell-LaPadula modela"."Jenkins