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masterImported Translations from ZanataOpenStack Proposal Bot7 hours
stable/mitakaHuawei: Update huawei cinder driver configuration file for mitaka.liucheng7 days
stable/newtonFix networking guide after neutron-dynamic-routing splitJens Rosenboom10 days
liberty-eolcommit cc8b39934d...Joshua Hesketh3 months
kilo-eolcommit 13ff5b51d9...Joshua Hesketh9 months
juno-eolcommit 304d14ffb9...Jeremy Stanley14 months
icehouse-eolcommit d68b46d8c2...Jeremy Stanley21 months
havana-eolcommit e3f06faffd...Jeremy Stanley2 years
grizzly-eolcommit 64f0eb972f...Jeremy Stanley3 years
folsom-eolcommit 88bc85d930...Jeremy Stanley3 years
2013.2commit 2051958682...Thierry Carrez3 years
essex-eolcommit e6b9f610fb...Thierry Carrez4 years
diablo-eolcommit f5834d5551...Thierry Carrez4 years
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7 hoursImported Translations from ZanataHEADmasterOpenStack Proposal Bot
10 hoursMerge "Update neutron flagmappings for Ocata"Jenkins
10 hoursMerge "Fit the error 'Object Storage service' link"Jenkins
15 hoursUpdate search titleBrian Moss
16 hoursFit the error 'Object Storage service' linkcaoyuan
17 hoursMerge "[contrib-guide] Updates with a clarification note for deploy teams"Jenkins
18 hoursUpdate ironic flagmappings for OcataStephen Finucane
26 hoursUpdate neutron flagmappings for OcataStephen Finucane
26 hoursUpdate murano flagmappings for OcataStephen Finucane
26 hoursUpdate manila flagmappings for OcataStephen Finucane