AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-01-17NovaEvacuate: fix a syntax errorHEADmasterAdam Spiers
2018-01-16Merge "NovaEvacuate: Allow debug logging to be turned on easily"Zuul
2018-01-16Merge "neutron-ha-tool: do not replicate dhcp"Zuul
2018-01-15NovaEvacuate: Support the new split-out IHA fence agents with backwards compa...Andrew Beekhof
2018-01-15NovaEvacuate: Correctly handle stopped hypervisorsAndrew Beekhof
2017-05-09neutron-ha-tool: do not replicate dhcpMate Lakat
2017-01-30NovaCompute: Support parsing host option from /etc/nova/nova.conf.dVincent Untz
2017-01-30NovaCompute: Use variable to avoid calling crudini a second timeVincent Untz
2016-11-22Ensure nova-compute unfences itself after startingAndrew Beekhof
2016-09-09Merge "Extract the nova wait functionality into its own agent"Jenkins
2016-06-28Extract the nova wait functionality into its own agentAndrew Beekhof
2016-06-28NovaEvacuate: Allow debug logging to be turned on easilyAndrew Beekhof
2016-06-28NovaEvacuate should use the existing status operationAndrew Beekhof
2016-05-09Relicense to Apache-2.0Dirk Mueller
2016-04-01neutron-ha-tool: fix monitor return codeAdam Spiers
2016-04-01Merge "neutron-ha-tool: make start action retry"Jenkins
2016-03-28Clarify risks of not using shared storageAdam Spiers
2016-03-25neutron-ha-tool: make start action retryAdam Spiers
2016-03-22Merge "Fix neutron-ha-tool for active/passive usage"Jenkins
2016-03-17Update support email address to "new" OpenStack listAdam Spiers
2016-03-17os_password is no longer a mandatory optionAdam Spiers
2016-03-17Update neutron-ha-tool's description to reference new upstreamAdam Spiers
2016-03-15NovaEvacuate: fix comment in headerAdam Spiers
2016-03-15Fix neutron-ha-tool for active/passive usageAdam Spiers
2016-03-10Merge "neutron-ha-tool: add os_region_name parameter"Jenkins
2016-03-10neutron-ha-tool: add os_region_name parameterAdam Spiers
2016-03-10neutron-ha-tool: fix 'defaut' typoAdam Spiers
2016-03-07Add bashate version >=0.5.0 as test dependencyNorbert Illes
2016-03-05Temporary ignore bashate E006 errorsNorbert Illes
2016-03-02Fix bashate E006 violationsNorbert Illes
2016-02-27Merge "Add .tox/ directory to .gitignore"Jenkins
2016-02-27Add .tox/ directory to .gitignoreAdam Spiers
2016-02-27Fix bashate E010 violationAdam Spiers
2016-02-27Fix bashate E003 violationsNorbert Illes
2016-02-26Merge "Fix bashate E002 violations"Jenkins
2016-02-26Fix bashate E002 violationsNorbert Illes
2016-02-26Fix bashate E001 violationsNorbert Illes
2016-02-24Move syntax-check test to tox.iniNorbert Illes
2016-02-23Add tox.ini configuration to run bashate testsNorbert Illes
2016-02-17NovaCompute: Clarify comment when there's no evacuate attributeVincent Untz
2016-02-15Merge "NovaEvacuate: Do not use reboot action for fence_compute"Jenkins
2016-02-15Add insecure and region_name parameters to NovaCompute and NovaEvacuateVincent Untz
2016-02-15Merge "NovaCompute: Call "fence_compute -o on" after evacuation"Jenkins
2016-02-15Merge "NovaEvacuate: Add domain parameter"Jenkins
2016-02-15Merge "NovaCompute: Fix loop on start checking for evacuate attribute"Jenkins
2016-02-15Remove Keystone dependency from neutron-server RANorbert Illes
2016-02-11Merge "NovaCompute, NovaEvacuate: Add missing content in username description"Jenkins
2016-02-11NovaEvacuate: Avoid initial useless message on stderrVincent Untz
2016-02-11Merge "NovaEvacuate: Fix typo when fetching all evacuate attributes"Jenkins
2016-02-11Remove trailing whitespacesNorbert Illes