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2018-10-27Fix broken linksFrank Kloeker
2018-10-26Update information about releasesFrank Kloeker
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2018-09-08Merge "Remove strange "dedicated VM" section"Zuul
2018-09-04Update common content for Rockyzhang.lei
2018-08-30Remove strange "dedicated VM" sectionJeremy Freudberg
2018-08-30Correct the invalid link URLroot
2018-08-27Merge "Switch to PTI docs jobs"Zuul
2018-08-27Merge "Import zuul job settings from project-config"Zuul
2018-08-27Merge "Correct the invalid reference"Zuul
2018-08-26Correct the 'OpenStack Documentation Contributor Guide'Qian Min Chen
2018-08-24Merge "Add the missing markup for the hyperlink title"Zuul
2018-08-24Correct the invalid referenceQian Min Chen
2018-08-24Add the missing markup for the hyperlink titleQian Min Chen
2018-08-23Correct the invalid referenceQian Min Chen
2018-08-21Switch to PTI docs jobsAndreas Jaeger
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2018-06-28Restore operations-guide contentSean McGinnis
2016-05-05Retire repositoryAndreas Jaeger
2016-05-02Merge "Note that repository is read-only"Jenkins
2016-05-02Do not publish RST Operations GuideKATO Tomoyuki
2016-04-29Note that repository is read-onlyAndreas Jaeger
2016-04-28Correct the wrong web form namechenqiaomin
2016-04-12Merge "fix totle spelling failure in section heading"Jenkins
2016-04-11Merge "Correct the link for 'updating block storage volums'"Jenkins
2016-04-06fix totle spelling failure in section headingAndrew Spiers
2016-04-05Merge "[manila] Minor fixes for Mitaka release"Jenkins
2016-04-02Updated from openstack-manualsOpenStack Proposal Bot
2016-04-01Merge "Replace "Terminate Instance" with "Delete Instance""Jenkins
2016-03-30[manila] Minor fixes for Mitaka releaseAlexey Ovchinnikov
2016-03-30Replace "Terminate Instance" with "Delete Instance"guoshan
2016-03-29Merge "Change Telemetry module to service"Jenkins
2016-03-28Install only required packagesAndreas Jaeger
2016-03-28Updated from openstack-manualsOpenStack Proposal Bot
2016-03-28Change Telemetry module to serviceKATO Tomoyuki
2016-03-24Merge "[ops-guide] Deprecate the nova-manage sub-command"Jenkins
2016-03-24Merge "Clarify flavor and overcommit constraints"Jenkins
2016-03-22Updated from openstack-manualsOpenStack Proposal Bot
2016-03-22Clarify flavor and overcommit constraintsJames Penick
2016-03-21Updated from openstack-manualsOpenStack Proposal Bot
2016-03-21Merge "[ops-guide] Cleanup unnecessary contents"Jenkins
2016-03-21[ops-guide] Deprecate the nova-manage sub-commandSaiKiran
2016-03-21Merge "[ops-guide] Address sphinx-build error"Jenkins
2016-03-19Imported Translations from ZanataOpenStack Proposal Bot
2016-03-18Updated from openstack-manualsOpenStack Proposal Bot
2016-03-18[ops-guide] Address sphinx-build errorKATO Tomoyuki