BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterUpdate sphinx extension loggingSean McGinnis4 weeks
1.5.0commit cb41558e53...OpenStack Release Bot10 months
1.4.0commit a67ed2f235...OpenStack Release Bot17 months
1.3.0commit bca739ce6f...OpenStack Release Bot21 months
1.2.0commit ac2ef89c64...OpenStack Release Bot22 months
1.1.0commit 533589ccd0...OpenStack Release Bot2 years
1.0.0commit 80480aa29a...Davanum Srinivas2 years
0.4.0commit 03f4e77f7d...Davanum Srinivas2 years
0.3.0commit f93c467e9a...Sean Dague2 years
0.1.1commit 1160f9ce04...Sean Dague2 years
0.1.0commit aefb125f2c...Sean Dague3 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2018-10-16Update sphinx extension loggingHEADmasterSean McGinnis
2018-10-08tests: Support Sphinx 1.8+Stephen Finucane
2018-09-09docs: Remove broken linkAndreas Jaeger
2018-08-14switch documentation job to new PTIDoug Hellmann
2018-08-14Fix sphinx-build invocationAndreas Jaeger
2018-08-13import zuul job settings from project-configDoug Hellmann
2018-06-18Use 'sphinx.util.logging'Stephen Finucane
2018-06-18General overhaul of testing setupGraham Hayes
2018-05-29Raise warning if top-level value is not a dictStephen Finucane
2018-03-15Updated from global requirementsOpenStack Proposal Bot