AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-12-02Avoid for constraints supportHEADmasterAndreas Jaeger
2017-04-20Validation for cpc_object_id config option1.1.0Andreas Scheuring
2017-04-20Add DPMObjectId configuration objectAndreas Scheuring
2017-04-18Hidden password parameter from log filesreeteja
2017-03-08Rename test classAndreas Scheuring
2017-01-26Changed name of cpc_uuid config option to cpc_object_id1. Maier
2017-01-26Updated help text for common DPM config options.Andreas Maier
2017-01-17Fix an issue where no test coverage report is created0.1.1Andreas Scheuring
2017-01-17remove obsolete default testAndreas Scheuring
2017-01-17Tests for testing configAndreas Scheuring
2017-01-17renamed register_opts methodAndreas Scheuring
2017-01-17Rename default testcaseAndreas Scheuring
2017-01-17Make config a python packageAndreas Scheuring
2017-01-17tox: don't check upper constraintsAndreas Scheuring
2017-01-13Add common dpm config0.1.0Andreas Scheuring
2017-01-13Inital cookiecutter commitAndreas Scheuring
2017-01-12Added .gitreviewOpenStack Project Creator