BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterUse eventletutils Event classBen Nemec6 days
stable/ocataimport zuul job settings from project-configDoug Hellmann5 months
stable/pikeimport zuul job settings from project-configDoug Hellmann5 months
stable/queensimport zuul job settings from project-configDoug Hellmann5 months
stable/rockyRestore correct signal handling in Python3Zane Bitter4 weeks
1.31.8commit d1295d45ee...OpenStack Release Bot2 days
1.34.0commit d987a4a84c...OpenStack Release Bot13 days
1.31.7commit d555763f8f...OpenStack Release Bot6 weeks
1.31.6commit 6566ec5e4b...OpenStack Release Bot8 weeks
1.33.0commit b85d9353fb...OpenStack Release Bot2 months
1.32.1commit 3e08f3375e...OpenStack Release Bot2 months
1.31.5commit 67a8a8c7f5...OpenStack Release Bot4 months
1.31.4commit 67a8a8c7f5...OpenStack Release Bot4 months
1.32.0commit 2705800cd3...OpenStack Release Bot4 months
1.31.3commit 62d4119dac...OpenStack Release Bot6 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
6 daysUse eventletutils Event classHEADmasterBen Nemec
2018-12-24Merge "Actually test child SIGHUP signal"1.34.0Zuul
2018-12-20Use template for lower-constraintsAndreas Jaeger
2018-12-20Deprecate the ThreadGroup.cancel() APIZane Bitter
2018-12-19Merge "Document the threadgroup module"Zuul
2018-12-19Merge "Add stop_on_exception to TG timers"Zuul
2018-12-19Merge "Add better timer APIs to ThreadGroup"Zuul
2018-12-19Merge "Restore correct signal handling in Python3"Zuul
2018-12-12Document the threadgroup moduleZane Bitter
2018-12-10Actually test child SIGHUP signalZane Bitter