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2018-10-15Add hberaud to ping listHEADmasterHervé Beraud
2018-09-24Add moguimar to ping listBen Nemec
2018-08-27Remove spamaps from pingsClint Byrum
2018-06-25Add njohnston to ping_me.pyNate Johnston
2018-04-09Add stephenfin to the ping listBen Nemec
2018-04-02Clean up ping listBen Nemec
2018-04-02Add to ping listAndrew Smith
2018-02-09Remove duplicate usernameBen Nemec
2018-01-30Add personal nicknameRaildo
2017-08-14Add personal nicknameXiaoyang Zhang
2017-03-20Ping crushil instead of rlooRushil Chugh
2017-03-19Add personal nicknameHanxi_Liu
2016-12-01Ping rloo instead of lintanRuby Loo
2016-11-30electrocucaracha is the new liaison for NeutronHenry Gessau
2016-09-25HenryG is the new liaison for NeutronIhar Hrachyshka
2016-07-25Fix nickname for ihrachyshka to ihrachysIhar Hrachyshka
2016-05-24Add weekly meeting ping scriptJoshua Harlow